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  1. white power
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely tied with The Avengers as far as the best of that Universe.
  3. Does anybody here listen to "Your Mom's House" with Tom Segura and Chistina Pazsitzky? It has recently become one of my favorite things to listen to. So damn funny and disgusting.
  4. I was having trouble breathing at the toilet bit and the bit about him taking his kids to the country/Witch in the kitchen/bat on the ceiling.
  5. This has been on Starz for about a week now, i enjoyed it the first time i watched it but yeah its not nearly as good the second time around. I think its pretty lame, in fact.
  6. I hate to be a stickler here but since I'm the #1 Mighty Ducks Scholar in the US, i think this deserves a correction. THAT is not the guy who plays Fulton Reed, that is the guy who plays Buzz in the Home Alone movies.
  7. haven't posted on here in forever so heres a couple micro reviews of movies I've watched over the months: Foxcatcher - By far the most overrated movie i have watched in a long time. Carrell isnt that great. Zach Galifianakis got robbed of a Supporting Actor nod because Mark Ruffalo played a very Mark Ruffalo role. Channing Tatum is the best part of this movie and NO ONE is talking about him.. D+ Whiplash - one of my top 3 for the year. Simmons kills this movie. Miles Teller is the new John Cusack (hopefully his career pans out better) totally charismatic. Loved the ending to this... A- Nightcrawler - Another one of my top 3. Its this generations "American Psycho" so much dark humor in Gylenhaals character. He should have got a Oscar nod...B+/A- The Imitation Game - A very "ok" movie. Great story, Cumberbatch basically plays the exact same character that he does in Sherlock, didn't think he was all that special until the very end... C- The Grand Budapest Hotel - I hated this hipster garbage for the first 20 minutes. Then it started to grow on me, now every time its on HBO I'm watching and laughing my ass off. Finnes carries this movie, would have loved to seem him get the nomination over Carrell..B Birdman - saw this around the time it was released. My favorite movie of the year. Every performance is top notch, hopefully the Academy rewards this much like it should have done with "American Hustle" last year. Galifianakis got completely overlooked, which bums me out....A Boyhood - I wouldn't mind it if this won over "Birdman" just because I'm a sucker for Linklater and his coming of age stories. Id like to see him get his due because this was such a cool experience. Watching Patricia Arquettes transformation was stunning...B John Wick - instant classic action movie. Was watching this with a girl i was dating and as soon as the dog died she jumped up off the bed and wouldn't look/talk to me so i had to turn it off and watch it after she left. Which is a testament to how fucking great this movie is because even though it cock blocked me hardcore i was able to set those emotions aside and enjoy the shit out of this. Id love to see them do a prequel and explore the cool hitman universe they made. Especially if it involved a Keanu/Willem Dafoe/Lester Freeman trio of ass kicking...B+/A- American Sniper - loved Cooper in this, i think it would be awesome to see him win Best Actor for it. He is probably right up there with Keaton for my favorite lead performance of the year. Definitely had the feel of a "recruitment" movie sometimes though...B-/B
  8. also this... "Whya goin to Indianapolis, Bill??!?!!!"
  9. This might have been my favorite moment from his podcast that I've heard...i was dying laughing while at work...
  10. part of me thinks Destiny is the biggest joke in the history of gaming....but i still can't stop playing it. Hopefully they continue to add a lot of content to make the game a little more interesting and not so repetitive
  11. manwich better get his ass in here and shed some light on this...
  12. i loved these past couple if weeks. Then again, I've loved watching this almost every week. Amazing tension leading up to the "moment" in last nights episode. Even though you knew everything that was going to happen, it was still heartbreaking to see everything happen leading up to it. Nora's moment especially hit me. i also think this was the perfect time for this episode. it may have helped hook people in had it been used earlier on, but its cool to look back on everything thats happened leading up to it and understand everyones motives. Next week could be a big let down, but I'm pretty invested in the characters so I'm not sure it will deter me from watching next season. i had to explain to my brother, that knowing Lindelofs writing, you'll never get the big answer as to what happened to the departed. I hope I'm right, it would seem like revealing something huge like that would take away from the real focus on the show.
  13. i listened to these guys almost all day today. Its amazing to me how much i don't enjoy The Alchemy Index anymore. I loved that when it first came out but now it just seems super pretentious and doesn't interest me. 2/4 sonnets are garbage (Fire, Water) "As The Crow Flies" might possibly be the lamest (maybe not lame but just...weird?) song they have ever written. "Burn the Fleet" was one of my favorites when it first came out, now its just kinda cheesy. I guess i get tired of Dustin's "nautically themed" lyrics. Fire just seems to be all over the place in general. I was stunned when i first heard "Night Diving" but now after listening to a lot of post-rock in the following years, its pretty bland. Of the 24 songs, i maybe really like 10 of them and the rest i could kinda do without. Beggars, on the other hand, is probably my favorite album by them. Dustin doesn't get overly preachy lyrically like he does in Major/Minor, weird to say considering its got lyrics like All The World Is Mad and Beggars on it. In Exile should have been a bigger song for them, its a shame they never got exposure with that one. I think its their most consistent album they ever released. Not much on Major/Minor really interests me anymore with the exception of Cataracts, Words in the Water, and Anthology. It would still be awesome to hear some new stuff from these guys within the next couple of years though.
  14. I like The Leftovers quite a bit. Justin Theroux would have made a far superior Jack Shepherd on LOST.
  15. wasn't this band supposed to be getting back together soon?