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  1. Hi Jim jims!!
  2. Hi. I had a tonsillectomy and I'm on opiates.
  3. Hi folks
  4. I've been so bored for over a week. While cutting lettuce at work, the knife slipped and I cut myself. Now I'm missing 1/4 of my fingertip.
  5. I had a dream what I was making out with my boyfriend and decided to sleep in to continue it.
  6. I'm currently playing The Last story and I'm pretty disappointed. I keep wishing it were on the 360 instead. The camera is fucking terrible and the battle system is lacking. Perhaps it's because I'm using the nun chuck instead of the classic controller? The same motion is for walking, attacking (several different types)... The story isn't bad at all but it seems short for an rpg clocking in at 20 hours. At least the voice acting isn't terrible and the accents make it fun.
  7. I haven't been here in ages. Home ownership is rewarding but my list is continually growing. I have to finish caulking the shower tomorrow, sand and stain steps, fix three window screens, finish painting the bathroom. It's quite satisfying to finish a project. Property values have gone up 20%, yay. My niece learned how to walk and it's absolutely fascinating to see her try to balance herself. My love for that little precious thing has no bounds.
  8. I haven't been to this place in months. I'm finally done my training at work for cook I love my job so much. Too bad I had to spend over $30,000 on an education that I'll never use.
  9. This person that I'm refering to is horrible in every sense of the word and I would never do such a thing. They've made my life miserable hell for years. So yes, having that leverage even though I would never use it makes me feel a little better inside. All you talk about is work and how your coworkers are morons. No offense but you kinda come across as being pretentious, boring and self-obsessed.
  10. Knowing you could ruin someone's life with a simple email containing Skype conversations... Too bad my morals stop me from doing such things.
  11. My tolorance for acts of assholism has been greatly diminished. It's scary how unphased I am at the prospect of breaking up with someone. I'd rather be single for the rest of my life than settle for someone that I can't trust 100%.
  12. What does that even mean? Previous collision damage? Rust? Rust damage. It was a 2002 and we use a lot of salt on the roads in the winter.
  13. Red wine hangovers are brutal. In other news, I went to get an oil change and my mechanic proceeded to tell me that my car's frame is kaput. Fuuuuck. Now I have to go car shopping.
  14. I really love road trips. This may be the reason I involve myself in long distance relationships. Next week I get to spend over a week with the boyfriend. I'm beyond excited. Work is incredible. I'm getting trained for another position which pays a lot more....but more importantly-better hours. I feel like I live in the land of the mosquito. I'm positive that I've killed at least 30-40 in the past hour.
  15. I regret going to university. Fuck debt.