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  1. Havent gotten a new console yet but I heard Sunset Overdrive for Xbox one is a lot of fun and its an Xbox exclusive so there's that.
  2. Guys, you owe it to yourselves to play the last of us dlc. It surpasses the storytelling of the main game by a mile. Play it.
  3. i highly recommend playing the last of us dlc, left behind. Its so fucking good.
  4. Fun fact. I live in Salem and this is very close to what it's like here.
  5. Birdman - A- Sadly, was not a documentary on the man who wrote the following: Now as I recline behind my desk I ain't got a lot of Nikes but I got a lot of checks, money Got my own shoe, brand new on the set, Went from sittin in a cell to sittin on a jet.
  6. Dragon Age looks awesome but I'm going to wait until I get a PS4 (which isn't any time soon). Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a ton of fun. This current Humble Bundle is AWESOME. Can't wait to start Blackguards. Finishing The Banner Saga. Pretty good game. You make decisions that actually mean something. It gets fucking hard, too. Also, rented COD: Advanced Warfare so I could check out the campaign. I haven't played a COD campaign since Modern Warfare 3 so maybe they have been this insane over the past few years but I'm loving this one. Don't think I'm going to touch the multiplayer because then I'll probably want to buy it and I don't have the money but the campaign is worth the $2 at redbox (the campaign is only 6 hours or so long so can be finished pretty damn quickly). I also have Insurgency if anyone wants it. 2 codes.
  7. hahahaha you are a gamer gater. Yea dude...Kotaku never reviewed the original girl's (Zoe Quinn's) game (Depression Quest).
  8. I mean...you shouldn't love The Girl Next Door....even if Cuthbert is hot. I am someone who subscribes to giantbomb.com and they are always open with their viewers when they have ties to game developers, even going so far as to not review games made by people they're friends with. But also, I don't go to video game websites for their ethics, I go to read about what's coming out and watch a video and see if it looks fun. The only reason I "care" about this is how women in the industry are getting death threats and bomb threats and, like that woman says in the Colbert clip, mass-shooting threats. That's just fucked up in so many ways. I know the internet takes dumb shit seriously but the ways in which something this dumb has gone violent and disgusting astounds me, even if it is the internet.
  9. So I'm not planning on getting a PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon and I don't want to play those AAA games until I buy one of those because I like trophies/achievements and if I buy the consoles in a year or two then these games coming out now will be cheaper and blah blah. So, I'm slowly going to post less and less on here, I suppose, except for the PC only games like Rust (which I cannot stand right now but it's still in development) or Dota. Word.
  10. Lucy - C- The beginning was good and my hopes jumped after hearing very little about this movie. The middle consisted of a Matrix style all-powerful human kicking ass but with some cool twists that made it feel original. But that happened for maybe a total of 10 mins and then a longggggggg boring ending. Eh.
  11. FIRST OFF, I need to apologize for my absence, some rough times have been going on...that being said, here we go This is Where I Leave You -- B+ I read the book before the rough times so don't EXACTLY remember if it ends the same way but I don't think it does. If I remembered how to do spoilers, I'd write the difference but I don't so I won't. Either way, I liked the movie a lot more than the book. There are weird differences (including the ending) that make the main character Judd a much worse person. The movie is a lot more fun as well and is star-studded and well done overall. The major points were there, and, again, I know there was at least one major plot point that isn't included in the movie and, imo, makes the movie a lot better. Now, I sit here and try to remember the other movies I've watched and can't. I know I saw Gone Girl but don't remember much of it. I also saw TMNT and Godzilla but again, don't remember them so I shall rewatch and return with more words.
  12. I almost jumped back into Marvel Heroes but I had just gotten Diablo 3 and Destiny for PS3 so I didn't think I needed MORE loot grindy bullshit. Currently, not going to put that 17 into a new road rash but maybe in a month or so, see how it goes. Played 15 mins of Wasteland 2 and will play more but don't have much to say about it.
  13. So a spiritual successor to the PS1 and Genesis game ROAD RASH just hit steam early access...multiplayer, missions, upgrade your rider...looks cool and it's Road Rash so...probably gonna buy it except it's early access and I've only had 1 early access game that I've bought actually officially release so maybe not...called Road Redemption. Check it out.
  14. If you've known about the beauty that is milana for so long...why haven't you clued us in via one of her perfect pics in the official hot girls thread?!?!
  15. They have two big expansions coming and have said they are going to be focusing on this "platform" for the next 10 years...to me that means the 2 expansions for this game adding probably %50 more content and then destiny 2. That's my guess at least.