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  2. just watch
  3. NBA

    I so hope he goes to the nets solely for D-Will's sake. A happy Deron is a productive Deron, and when Dwight is around it's all smiles. Also I can't fucking wait for my fantasy nba draft next weekend, NBA is by far the funnest of the fantasy sports, ahead of baseball then football.
  4. All about dual casting your destruction spells in order to stun the enemy. Also put points into restoration where needed and I use conjuration to summon a fire guy to help kill/protect me.
  5. Figuring that out was a bitch, i still don't even know how i completed it. Google it use a walkthrough
  6. Happy thanksgiving from Canada, I work for an american company so i get the day off. Cool story eh, now let's get drunk.
  7. lucky
  8. tobehonest I had a bad experience once, so I don't fucks with spaghetti sandwiches no more.
  9. My pure mage is so much pwnage. Tearing everything apart that comes my way. That is all
  10. 1. What the fuck is a hoagie? 2. Why dont you dip you garlic bread in the ghetti like any other person
  11. easy Bieber
  12. This game is fucking good, just the intro to the game, first scenes were making me hard. (With the dragon attacking the city) Good working torrent already out there too for bums like me.
  13. Spawn, get shot in the back 3 seconds later, watch the enemie's killcam of him spawning directly behind you, repeat.