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  1. They just want you to sign it so they can lay you off without giving you any money. They can also consequently sue you for the $500, maybe.
  2. Emancipator, I hope you don't mind reading some of my advices too: - Don't jack off. No release. Don't touch your dick at all for maybe 1 week (2 weeks or more the better). - Watch porn from time to time (but again no touchy touchy). if you do the above, you will probably get a hard on frequently just by the rustling in your pants from walking. Also what Phil said about the foreplay only and have no intention of penetration is good advice too (but maybe you will get some blue balls..) Sooner or later nothing in the world could deter your boner if you do all of the above. As for condoms, I think trojans are a bit loose (for me). I prefer Durex's "Avanti". It's kind of thin (not super thin like some on the market), but the material it uses have superb heat transmission, so thickness doesn't really matter. I also heard that Lifestyles condoms are pretty tight, though I've never tried. And if you can find a condom or sex store, try some Japanese condoms. I recommend Okamoto's "0.02" (literally 0.02mm thick), or Sagami "Originals". These are the thinnest condoms I have tried, pretty tight too. Lastly, you gotta find out what turns you on. For me it's kissing, and if I don't keep kissing the girl while putting on the condom, sometimes it flops back down too. You said you love to eat her out, so maybe you can talk with her about it and try to convince her to do it, and just put it on while eating her out, and then swifly penetrate. Anyways thanks for reading and good luck!
  3. I think you should wait it out, at least until future updates expand the world and increase the number of enemies. I beat the God King at bloodline 5 and after that there really wasn't any point left: You just keep repeating the cycle all over again as you and your enemies both get stronger and stronger. The game is hugely repetitive. There's really only like about 7 different unique enemies. And you cannot freely explore the world like a normal RPG; you just go along a set path to find the God King, which can be done in less than 15 minutes.
  4. there's a free app called Seashore for mac that can do it.
  5. wow and the videos are still downloadable. Can't believe this site existed before youtube.
  6. people who wants to bargain everything. people who stays at the "maximum" speed on the fast lane and refuses to move over.
  7. they are also beginning their Fall tour later this month.
  8. I just watched this too on the plane, and I was a bit underwhelmed because I thought it was going to be about Banksy (as advertised), but most of the film was about this other guy Mr.Brainwash.