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  1. I hadn't heard much on the movie since the kickstarter. I hope its really happening though.
  2. Anyone else into The Goon by Eric Powell? Such a talented dude, and the comics are rad. I'm also way excited for Thor to be a lady.
  3. hi guys.
  4. Such a funny show! Hulu has them as well.
  5. I really enjoyed the Hunger Games series. I'm excited for the movie, hoping they don't fuck it up.
  6. Finally finishing the His Dark Materials series. Fantastic, to say the least. Then on to Mindy Kaling's new book. Excited to start that.
  7. At a halloween party. I was a dalek. My friend was Hank Jr. This is how I walked into my parents' house.
  8. People who follow me on twitter and tumblr hate me tonight. Hockey posts all night!

  9. Sexy Dalek? That will be glorious! I hope you can do a good "EXTERMINATE!!!!" haha I may or may not try to exterminate people on a daily basis.
  10. I hate how long we have to wait for the next series. I agree a bit about River. I'm kind of getting sick of her. I was so sad to see Amy and Rory leave. They might be my favorite companions. They also brought a nice romance aspect to it, but not so much you want to vomit. I agree with the Donna thing. I think she was a little too obnoxious for me. I kind of like Craig as a companion, but with the wife and the baby it won't happen.
  11. Why isn't there already a thread for this?! Discuss.
  12. At first I was going to go with Ms. Frizzle, but i feel like I would have to dye my hair to make that work. So instead, I'm in the middle of making a Dalek girl costume. So excited.
  13. Scratch the Hobbit. I started reading Moneyball. Good so far.
  14. The Hunger Games was superb. Can't wait for the movie. I'm currently reading The Subtle Knife. Next I'm reading The Hobbit, again.
  15. hai guys. it's been awhile

    1. Dinospine
    2. Mixhail
    3. Dodgerbolt


      boobs is Mixhail speak for ...everything, so I would assume that means "hello"?