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  1. I guess I'm excited for new Minus The Bear, so long as it's better than Infinity Overhead
  2. Revisiting this... I saw an interview with Chris where he noted that "Second Guesses" was one of his songs and that it's really old. He may have written it before Major/Minor was released. Which is fine, but this album was released in a world where Major/Minor existed 5 years prior.
  3. I listened for a few songs and turned it off. Didn't feel very dynamic to me, everything blended together and I got bored. Maybe I need to revisit it, might not have been in the right mood Listening to most of my music while working often means I'm not paying attention most of the time, so I might be way off. It's by no means a complex and amazing album. It's better than anything they made with Cove.
  4. Doesn't look like Marvel's Most Wanted is happening, along with the fact that Agent Carter was cancelled: On January 9, 2016, it was revealed that a pilot had been ordered.[2] On May 12, 2016, it was announced that ABC would not pick up the series.[3]
  5. I'm not quite finished this season, still 5 or 6 episodes to go for me, but I agree. I'll leave this here:
  6. Interesting, In Exile might be my favourite Thrice track of all time.
  7. Anyone else listen to the new album yet? I don't think I can form a full opinion on it, but it's alright at least, however the intro to "Second Guesses" is practically a blatant ripoff of the intro to Thrice's "Anthology".
  8. I dig it man, but where's the rest? Still just the one track?
  9. Ancient account coming out of the ashes.... Midway through first listen and this is already better than Major/Minor. I must also be in the minority, but Beggars is usually the album I go to before even Vheissu or TAITA. Black Honey as the first single is interesting. It's just alright, by no means the standout track on the album.
  10. I fucking hate my team.
  11. Finally finished this last week. At least twice an episode I would just throw my arms up in disgust. Obviously, this is a one-sided documentary, but there just seems to be enough here to cast reasonable doubt on both of them.
  12. This is what I'm listening to these days. I've had to scale down on the number of podcasts quite dractiscally because I couldn't keep up with all of them. A few of them are quite Canadian (The Expats and Vinyl Cafe), one's an Oilers-centric podcast, and the rest I'm sure you've heard of before.
  13. I just come back once a year or so and confirm to you all that I am, in fact, still alive. Bald, still fat, and bearded.
  14. Hello again you lovely people. 10 years ago around this time a lot of us signed up for audioscrobbler. That is all.
  15. ooooohhhh, ASL?