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  1. I actually came in here to talk about saga, i'm glad you all mentioned it. Volume 3 is coming out the 25th, can't wait.
  2. Seriously, that was an amazingly set up one take at the end. It maybe the hype I have for this show right now, but I almost want to say that it came close to topping the children of men scene.
  3. My friend got me into these guys... Sooooo good.
  4. Thanks to spotify's recommendation I found out about this album. On to Dela's older stuff.
  5. love this one these are golden.
  6. Spring Breakers, award worthy? what the fuck?
  7. I just started playing it, seems like everything i'd expect from a elders scrolls MMO. How is it a train wreck?
  8. I've been so into electro pop music lately. Thanks for showing me these guys.
  9. I can't get this beat/chorus out of my head.
  10. I still wear my dert shirt too... It's my most comfortable shirt.
  11. Hey Zach, why is your album $100 on your bandcamp? I would actually buy it, if it were at a realistic price.
  12. I definitely still like Macklemore, even if his flow isn't the greatest. I respect his passion and positive messages. I'm glad he blew up. What I've been into as of recent:
  13. Really? I'm surprised all of you actually thought this movie was good. I saw it and thought it was complete shit. Horrible writing, acting for the most part was cheesy and boring. Just an incredibly bland movie in my opinion.
  14. NBA

    Such bullshit. Might as well have told the refs to go home.
  15. NBA

    Tawhi Leonard went to my high school? I had no idea, weird.