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    If you want to chat, send me a PM, I'll give you my gmail address. Not posting it on here for all to see.
  1. Oh. Hi everyone. I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised- I've listened a few times through and am really enjoying every song. Dustbin's non-yelling/screaming voice sounds like it's been through the ringer a few too many times, but I got past that after a few minutes. It's kind of like a catchier version of Major/Minor to me so far. I wish I had heard that Swarm of Bees song before I saw that video. Oh well. I like it, but does the screaming at the end of Blood on the Sand make anyone else laugh? It sounds like he's yelling about a "Licorice Stick" I haven't dug into the lyrics too much, but personally I appreciate that Dustbin took his foot off the gas pedal on the Christian stuff. I miss you guys! I'll try to post more and especially if any of my sports teams are ever good again. I'd be happy to hear from any of you on gchat/gmail. RAPID FIRE HOT TAKES Tom Brady is a crook/Hodor : ( /I'm really digging a lot of Slott Spider-Mans and Hickman comics lately/Civil War was great/Batman v. Superman was laughably bad/The last season of Mad Men kinda ruined it all for me. It was okayyy is cool./I only hate watch Walking Dead now/The Witcher 3 was a lot of fun.
  2. Hey, that'd be fun!
  3. I think the Chargers will give the Pats a good game this weekend- if it isn't close I'll be disappointed. At this point, I still dont' think they will make the playoffs. They'll need to beat the Broncos or Pats for me to get excited. Lost both of those games and they're either hosed, or not good enough to get anywhere in the playoffs if they luck into them anyway. They are as healthy as they've been since the beginning of the year though, so there's SOME potential. Seahawks turning the corner- but I think they'll lose this weekend.
  4. Penguins of Madagascar was very funny. If you like them in the Madagascar movies, you'll like them in this. A- Also, I thought Interstellar was great, and not cheesy- and as to Chase's complaint: The human race is dying out- I think pontificating on existence and human nature is natural. A
  5. Gone Girl A- I was very engaged the whole time and loved the standard Fincher style.
  6. I'm out on the Cowboys. Defense will not hold up and Demarco Murrays leg will fall off before the season is over.
  7. Yeah. They are terrible. Very forced. I have faith they'll figure it out and give the characters different stuff to do.
  8. colts are really taking it to the texans tonight.
  9. I'll never get what you hate about Rivers. I can't speak for all Charger fans but I can't think of a single one that dislikes him let alone hates him. He had one really bad season where he tried to force it way too much but otherwise he'll go down as their best QB ever. /shrug I'm so glad you said this. Now that the Cassidy directly ripping off Simmons era has been over for a couple years, this is the thing he does the most that drives me way more nuts than it should. (speaking for other fans) I love Rivers. By far my favorite interview of any player I've rooted for in any sport.
  10. 1st season was pretty funny, got a LOT better towards the end (boyle throwing the plate on the ground right into his balls was the highlight for me)- right now I'd say this is the funniest show on TV.
  11. I thought the last one was pretty good too. I honestly forgot about this band for a couple years, then saw this on spotify and took a helluva trip down memory lane. It was fun!
  12. MLB

    Not a good couple of days for southern California baseball.
  13. I like Seattle a lot. It's dim and rainy during the fall and winter, but the city is fun and the areas around it are gorgeous. You'll also be close to Mt. Rainier and the North Cascades, so you can get your snow fix. Nick (forgot his user name) lives there; I'm sure he'd be willing to give you the full rundown. EDIT: Glad you're doing well! For some reason I still remember you talking about switching paths a while back. Not many people follow through like you did. If you end up relocating to Seattle permanently, we'll have to grab a beer sometime. Are you in Seattle? I thought you were in Austin. I love it here.
  14. i'm daed too.
  15. So apparently the Patriots are terrible now? wtf