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  1. So who wants to come to my and Alex's boredie wedding?
  2. Well after duping me you should at least go and buy me a beer. Or be in the right Beach town when we're visiting.
  3. Tickets are still available?!?!? My friend got them months ago. Here's a decent deal :
  4. I'll be at the Shrine show, without Alex. Apparently he'll be with you, Daniel.
  5. Thanks, Mike. I'll be in Irvine soonish but for Alex's fantasy draft, then San Juan Capistrano soon after for a wedding. Shit be busy. And my sister is the writer in the family so the page is her masterpiece. Thanks for reading it.
  6. Thanks, Derrick.
  7. Thanks, Richman. On a more bummer note my dad passed away last week. Even if you can't contribute please just read the page my sister created:
  8. They have cubic poop. Edit: Crap, that's wombats.
  9. Sometimes getting through therapy sessions reminds me of puking during a bad hangover. You don't want to do it yet you know it'll help you feel better, and even if you don't feel a whole lot better at least it's better than where you were before.
  10. akajd;df those noises. her website is hilarious, too. this is my favorite testimonial: I always knew I was whack at riding so feel free to e mail me any skills about riding and sex moves and techniques * winking but now he’s in love with my head game and I owe it all to you. Now he be done in five minutes but it was so good to him that after each time he was finished he would wait about 20 minutes and want some more. I gave it to him a total of 3 times and I’m never gonna tell him no in the bedroom so I gave him what he wanted.
  11. Honestly hanging downtown during the day then heading to the stadium more than an hour before the game starts would save you a lot of sitting in traffic. Things get really clogged in that area a good while before games start.
  12. You can watch Alex play hockey! Hollywood/downtown are 30-40+ minutes south so anything touristy will be a bit of a trek but museums are plentiful, as are tasty food places. Boneyard Bistro in Encino has amazing barbecue and beer. If you're into beer I know plenty of brewpubs. Beaches will be nice, albeit crowded, since it'll be 90+ next week. Hollywood Improv is good for funnies and you can get tickets online. Could check LA Weekly's calendar for shows since there are tons of venues, too.
  13. Where are you staying? LA is giant so if you don't have a means of getting around it'll limit your options.
  14. The horse laid down to roll/have a sweet back scratch/get out of having to carry you around. Bastards are smarter than you'd think.
  15. Keep up the persistence. At least a shorter commute could make it more tolerable. Lab work tends to lean towards monotony in high-volume production labs but decent coworkers and keeping busy make it more tolerable. Sorry you've gone through so much shit lately, dude. I'm desperately trying to get away from my lab but there aren't tons of suitable jobs out there for me it seems.