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  1. Absolutely not. There are no hygienic reasons to do so, and it's not logical to remove a perfectly functioning body part without an individual's consent. In my mind, circumsicion should be treated like any other body modification. I wouldn't give my infant son a forked tongue just because I thought it looked cool. Neither would I lop off a perfectly functioning foreskin. If he wants to do it when he's older, no problem. (I have nothing against circumsized guys, nor do I have any aesthetic reasons for my stance.) Funny, this discussion was started years ago on a way older version of the boreds. I was in the clear minority and people thought I was crazy. Glad to see the times have changed.
  2. She sounds like she's waiting for you to man up and ask her on a proper date instead of this "uhh when are we going out?" pussy-footing nonsense. Remember how she gave you the straight-forward "sure" when you told her straight up? (I'm so sorry. I'm not bitter or projecting or anything.)
  3. This isn't really about mattresses, but don't underestimate how much mattress toppers can help. I currently sleep on a bed I've had since out of the crib, and even just putting an egg crate mattress made it feel great (maybe I just don't know any better). So I'm sure something better than a textured piece of cheap foam would be wonderful.
  4. <iframe width="420" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. hey! so the God Is An Astronaut show was really great. you should definitely go!! especially because tickets are very reasonable (i think like $15-16 after taxes etc). oh and i didn't have to go alone after all...a bunch of friends heard and wanted to go, so the band got new fans and i had company :)

  6. 9 pounds??? psh clearly your wife is the one deserving the rep...i hope she's doing wonderfully!
  7. thank you! i will let you know how the show ends up going :)

  8. Also, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great one!

  9. Oh hey, they're coming to Los Angeles after all in August. Awesome!

    Let me know how the show goes and if it's worth going (I think the show is the day after my semester starts).

  10. happy birthday! have a great year!
  11. thanks, hope not! :)

  12. thanks! yeah usually i really enjoy doing things alone, but shows always intimidated me because i'm not in the music "scene" or whatever the cool kids do. but i figure i should start taking advantage of living in boston, where it's actually easy to see bands.

  13. then come to boston!! where do you live? they don't have a ton of dates, but maybe somewhere close to you.

  14. When one little annoying thing puts you in a bad mood and you start getting angry about things that happened 6 months ago or haven't even happened yet. The guy bagging my groceries was asking me about something in broken English and I forgot to swipe my Shaw's card, costing me 3 measly dollars, and I somehow let it ruin the next hour of my life. So stupid.
  15. Just ordered a ticket to see God is an Astronaut in August!! I never go to shows because none of my friends like the same music as I do, but I couldn't pass this up, I don't care how awkward I'll feel...yay!