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  1. I actually love watching competitive fighting games. I've been playing SFV at tournaments and the such. Going to EVO this year too. Also really excited to watch Smash Bros. Melee at Mandalay Bay. If you haven't gotten into that and played the game when you were younger, do yourself a favor and watch. It's still super popular and by far one of my favorite games to see people of high skill play, except HungryBox - fucking jigglypuff is a piece of shit. I don't like Fox much, but I will cheer against jigglypuff in every situation.
  2. On the album discussion: Emotionally, I will always love Vheissu. I like it for the music, but I will always hold it up in a more positive light than most albums. Too many good memories attached . Beggars I will admit is probably their best without the rose colored glasses. It has that the perfect mix of everything they had done up to that point. Major/Minor I actually like more now. I've done a lot more soul searching the past 5 years, and I've come to appreciate the themes. I've given the new album some more listens, and I'm liking it a lot. Still need to spend every waking hour listening to it to get a better feeling, but I'm liking it so far.
  3. I'm going to need some more time with the album, but I like it so far. I wasn't a big fan of Blood or Death as a whole, but there are parts in each I really like. That being said, I really enjoy the rest of the album. That may change with time. I'll speak up again after some more time with it then not post again till their next release.
  4. Nevermind, I just used my phone. I'll see what i can do to get it to you wtfchuck.
  5. The shitty part is that I have Spotify... but since it doesn't come out till tomorrow, I can only listen to Blood, Honey, and Death.
  6. I can wait till I get home and get this myself because I don't want to go to the site I know has it at work. If someone could hook me up with a link, that would be awesome.
  7. I was just listening to your band's album American Graffiti on Spotify - pretty bad ass man. I'll listen to the other stuff once I start getting sick of this one but it's really good to play video games too. Well done.
  8. Has anyone read the document that Dustin and a few of the other Elders wrote from Mars Hill? I acquired a copy of it a few weeks ago, and it's actually really interesting. I get the feeling their new material is going to be darker because of Dustin's experience. I'm not saying Dustin is going to go full on satan or anything - But I can imagine he feels a bit jaded when it comes to dealing with large religious groups now.
  9. I am excite.
  10. It boggles my mind that people still want to vote for Obama. Isn't it obvious that he's just like Bush... except he can speak from a teleprompter WAY better, and doesn't look like an idiot? I mean, come on people. The NDAA? Obama's Patriot Act. I know he didn't write the bill, but he fucking signed it. Also allowing SOPA and PIPA? Signing a bill with other countries promising to pass legislation like SOPA and PIPA? Maybe it's because I'm conservative now, but anyone who votes for Obama again either is extremely liberal (which I can't argue against because that's like you trying to tell me that conservatism is wrong), or has forgotten the shit Obama has tried to pull on us. You guys depress me. Except you other 4 people who are voting for Ron Paul. I'm glad there's some on here with the ability to think.... EDIT: Read em, and weep. The dude isn't just some crazy yahoo. He predicted this was going to happen, and it happened. You know who else has been predicting things like the drones they're going to fly through the air to spy on us? Alex Jones. Everyone thinks hes some crazy bastard, but when you realize that all this shit that is upon us was called out by him years ago, he doesn't seem so crazy anymore.
  11. just like how you were relevant 5 years ago?
  12. i dont give a fuck about lyrics anymore really, i kinda prefer not understanding them now sometimes just because i hate the pretention "poetry" can bring about i dont give a fuck about playing an instrument anymore really, i kinda prefer not playing them now sometimes because i hate the pretention "playing music" can bring about. yo dawg. im lyke u.
  13. you are retarded as shit you look like an alien. no one gives a shit about any post you make, nor what the fuck your room looks like, i.e. your signature stop taking model pictures that are tantamount to down syndrome photos and figure out something better to do with your life than post on a message board that you dog every chance you get. I care what his room looks like..... and you are retarded. EDIT: Oops, what I meant to say was.... you are retarded as shit.
  14. I'm curious.... who do you think is a good candidate?