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  1. God I'm fucking old.
  2. Quintin Demps, tho... Not sure how good he'll be for you. He was just a guy in Wade's scheme, bounced around some more but when the Texans brought him into camp in 2015, he said on Hard Knocks that the scheme fit him really well and he was super comfortable.
  3. They're not going to trade JJ Watt. Folks have been writing about it for months to generate clicks because that's what the internet does now. I get the basis of the idea and I even understand the suggestion from folks who are only casually familiar with the organization & JJ. He will be a Texan until he walks away from the game because he can't be as good as he wants to be anymore. And, to counter your argument of value, he'd be more valuable after playing an injury-free, dominant 2017 with another DPOY than he is right now coming off of multiple core surgeries.
  4. Kinda full circle here -- Schaub's league-leading year was in the version of the Kubiak offense when Kyle Shanahan was OC. Cousins obviously worked under that offense in his first couple of years in the league. Rumors were yesterday that he wanted to be traded to Kyle Shanahan's 49ers. HOLY SHIT THE TEXANS JUST PAID CLEVELAND TO TAKE OSWEILER.
  5. Glennon has a season's worth of pass attempts under his belt, 4100 yards, 30/15, most of which were as a rookie. During his 2nd year, new coach Lovie had a thing for the inexplicably-signed Josh McCown and kept running him out there... and TB ended up with the #1 pick, which basically had to be Jameis. Not really the same as Garappolo.
  6. For a guy with one year left on his rookie deal? So say the optimal result occurs and he throws 4500 yards and 35 TDs, then what? The Browns have to franchise tag him for $25MM? Do you have a Kirk Cousins situation where your FO still won't fully commit? There's no chance he wouldn't want to hit the open market and see how much Elway, Maccagnan (Jets) or his hometown Bears will throw at him. What about the worst result? Say he gets hurt in August or September, never plays again in 2017 and hits FA. That's what happened to Ryan Mallett -- he was traded with one year left on his rookie deal and had a very promising first game before tearing his throwing pec in warmups prior to his second game and ended his season. He went into free agency, and even after only those two games, rumors were that the Jets were trying to sign him. Fortunately for the Texans, losing him to FA wouldn't have been devastating because they only gave up a 7th for him, but the profile isn't so different from a hypothetical Garappolo. Then what? He's a FA an maybe Chicago comes along with an Osweiler-esque deal, leaving the Browns with nothing for their two 1st round picks. Or the Browns have to pay something like that and now they're not building through cost-controlled, high-end talent from early in the draft. That's why he isn't worth really any 1st rounder.
  7. LOLOLOL at Jabrill Peppers measuring at 5'10". Talk about a freefall -- his cover skills don't play at that size. Trubisky is sure making me proud, though!
  8. I hope Sebastian Vollmer is healthy and comes back to Houston on the cheap because we need a RT so that all of the Patriots wannabe talk about the Texans isn't solely focused on Wes Welker joining the coaching staff.
  9. I'm not sure what everyone's struggle is with where Jabrill Peppers plays and who he is. Dude is 6'1" like 205. There's zero argument that he's a linebacker at that size. He's a fluid, hole-shooting terror against the run, like a good strong safety. He has aggressive cover skills to pick up slot WRs & TEs and athleticism to stay engaged, like a good safety. Defenses are moving away from clear SS & FS roles in the NFL right now, and that's perfect for not having put an exact label on Peppers. He's a safety with elite box capabilities who will be a massive wild card for offenses to contend with on 3rd down interesting in the way of Troy Polamalu.
  10. Congratulations Morgan & Alex!! Those two crazy kids got hitched on Friday!
  11. That's the Kubiak model, who basically birthed Kyle. I would imagine he's getting just as much input from someone on his staff (QB coach?) as someone carrying an OC label would. I think the largest role an OC ever had under Kubiak was Kyle's 2nd (and final) year after being promoted to OC because that was Schaub's best year (2009). He may eventually name an OC after a season or two, but it's kinda just a label/favor/formality.
  12. Is Gronk worth anything? He hasn't played a full season since 2011 and has averaged like 9 games in reg season, with 5 playoff games since. (The 2012 game against Houston when he re-broke his unhealed arm doesn't count.) His contract structure looks like a cut after 2017, which I guess could help trade value since it would also allow a receiving team to cut him for significant cap savings if he looks like he'll never return to form. He's not worth more because he's a Patriot. Texans aren't getting Romo -- he's too expensive. Owner Bob McNair actually trashed Osweiler to the press today and said they'll probably be taking a QB in the draft, which is amusing when he was the fuck who signed him without O'Brien's blessing.
  13. I think we look at Sam Bradford's career, paycheck & "to replace an injured, entrenched starter" when the Vikings made the trade and we were all thinking, "Wow, that's a lot to trade for Sam Bradford," at the surface level, say not knowing anything else. But the Vikings thought they'd built a contender around Teddy going into a gorgeous new stadium! They *had* to do something when Teddy went down. It's really that simple and he worked out very well for them. I know he's not Tom Brady and I know the Patriots legions would've rather the Vikings sent all of that for their backup QB.
  14. Yeah, San Jose/Santa Clara is 5-ish hours from LA without traffic... Oakland or SF about 6. San Jose/Santa Clara are actually a distinct metropolitan statistical area from SF/Oakland (counted together), so how on earth the more populous San Jose bent over to the 49ers without a name change I'll never understand.
  15. You know I'm more measured than most fans -- I don't really care what they do with him as long as he isn't issued a helmet. I think whether they draft a QB and contract negotiations with AJ Bouye, along with possible restructuring of Cushing, Duane Brown & Kareem Jackson will dictate whether Osweiler is on the roster come June 1. I don't know what it will take to keep Bouye -- He wants to stay and the coaching staff wants to keep him, but someone might pay him bigly. And there's the chance that someone picks up Osweiler and offsets some of that $6MM bonus. Santa Clara (San Jose), where the 49ers play and call "San Francisco", is closer to LA than Oakland by about 40 miles. Sidebar -- Levi's Stadium is actually closer to Oakland than it is to San Francisco if you wanna think about how fucked up that is when both teams were trying to find a new stadium -- SF argued that Silicon Valley & San Jose was their market. And yes, Oakland is experiencing rapid growth because SF became far too expensive. A lot of SF & SV companies are moving into Oakland as their leases are up or increase as are the educated folks who work for those companies. The Raiders would've been the only team that this market would really care about. They've always been everywhere here. Everyone wears black anyway, contrary to Hollister's marketing of what SoCal wears so they're already naturally part of the palette. Yes it sounds a little stupid, but as phony & image-conscious as a lot of folks are here, it makes sense.