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  1. Congratulations Morgan & Alex!! Those two crazy kids got hitched on Friday!
  2. God I'm fucking old.
  3. Quintin Demps, tho... Not sure how good he'll be for you. He was just a guy in Wade's scheme, bounced around some more but when the Texans brought him into camp in 2015, he said on Hard Knocks that the scheme fit him really well and he was super comfortable.
  4. They're not going to trade JJ Watt. Folks have been writing about it for months to generate clicks because that's what the internet does now. I get the basis of the idea and I even understand the suggestion from folks who are only casually familiar with the organization & JJ. He will be a Texan until he walks away from the game because he can't be as good as he wants to be anymore. And, to counter your argument of value, he'd be more valuable after playing an injury-free, dominant 2017 with another DPOY than he is right now coming off of multiple core surgeries.
  5. Kinda full circle here -- Schaub's league-leading year was in the version of the Kubiak offense when Kyle Shanahan was OC. Cousins obviously worked under that offense in his first couple of years in the league. Rumors were yesterday that he wanted to be traded to Kyle Shanahan's 49ers. HOLY SHIT THE TEXANS JUST PAID CLEVELAND TO TAKE OSWEILER.
  6. Glennon has a season's worth of pass attempts under his belt, 4100 yards, 30/15, most of which were as a rookie. During his 2nd year, new coach Lovie had a thing for the inexplicably-signed Josh McCown and kept running him out there... and TB ended up with the #1 pick, which basically had to be Jameis. Not really the same as Garappolo.
  7. For a guy with one year left on his rookie deal? So say the optimal result occurs and he throws 4500 yards and 35 TDs, then what? The Browns have to franchise tag him for $25MM? Do you have a Kirk Cousins situation where your FO still won't fully commit? There's no chance he wouldn't want to hit the open market and see how much Elway, Maccagnan (Jets) or his hometown Bears will throw at him. What about the worst result? Say he gets hurt in August or September, never plays again in 2017 and hits FA. That's what happened to Ryan Mallett -- he was traded with one year left on his rookie deal and had a very promising first game before tearing his throwing pec in warmups prior to his second game and ended his season. He went into free agency, and even after only those two games, rumors were that the Jets were trying to sign him. Fortunately for the Texans, losing him to FA wouldn't have been devastating because they only gave up a 7th for him, but the profile isn't so different from a hypothetical Garappolo. Then what? He's a FA an maybe Chicago comes along with an Osweiler-esque deal, leaving the Browns with nothing for their two 1st round picks. Or the Browns have to pay something like that and now they're not building through cost-controlled, high-end talent from early in the draft. That's why he isn't worth really any 1st rounder.
  8. LOLOLOL at Jabrill Peppers measuring at 5'10". Talk about a freefall -- his cover skills don't play at that size. Trubisky is sure making me proud, though!
  9. I hope Sebastian Vollmer is healthy and comes back to Houston on the cheap because we need a RT so that all of the Patriots wannabe talk about the Texans isn't solely focused on Wes Welker joining the coaching staff.
  10. I'm not sure what everyone's struggle is with where Jabrill Peppers plays and who he is. Dude is 6'1" like 205. There's zero argument that he's a linebacker at that size. He's a fluid, hole-shooting terror against the run, like a good strong safety. He has aggressive cover skills to pick up slot WRs & TEs and athleticism to stay engaged, like a good safety. Defenses are moving away from clear SS & FS roles in the NFL right now, and that's perfect for not having put an exact label on Peppers. He's a safety with elite box capabilities who will be a massive wild card for offenses to contend with on 3rd down interesting in the way of Troy Polamalu.
  11. That's the Kubiak model, who basically birthed Kyle. I would imagine he's getting just as much input from someone on his staff (QB coach?) as someone carrying an OC label would. I think the largest role an OC ever had under Kubiak was Kyle's 2nd (and final) year after being promoted to OC because that was Schaub's best year (2009). He may eventually name an OC after a season or two, but it's kinda just a label/favor/formality.
  12. Is Gronk worth anything? He hasn't played a full season since 2011 and has averaged like 9 games in reg season, with 5 playoff games since. (The 2012 game against Houston when he re-broke his unhealed arm doesn't count.) His contract structure looks like a cut after 2017, which I guess could help trade value since it would also allow a receiving team to cut him for significant cap savings if he looks like he'll never return to form. He's not worth more because he's a Patriot. Texans aren't getting Romo -- he's too expensive. Owner Bob McNair actually trashed Osweiler to the press today and said they'll probably be taking a QB in the draft, which is amusing when he was the fuck who signed him without O'Brien's blessing.
  13. I think we look at Sam Bradford's career, paycheck & "to replace an injured, entrenched starter" when the Vikings made the trade and we were all thinking, "Wow, that's a lot to trade for Sam Bradford," at the surface level, say not knowing anything else. But the Vikings thought they'd built a contender around Teddy going into a gorgeous new stadium! They *had* to do something when Teddy went down. It's really that simple and he worked out very well for them. I know he's not Tom Brady and I know the Patriots legions would've rather the Vikings sent all of that for their backup QB.
  14. Yeah, San Jose/Santa Clara is 5-ish hours from LA without traffic... Oakland or SF about 6. San Jose/Santa Clara are actually a distinct metropolitan statistical area from SF/Oakland (counted together), so how on earth the more populous San Jose bent over to the 49ers without a name change I'll never understand.
  15. You know I'm more measured than most fans -- I don't really care what they do with him as long as he isn't issued a helmet. I think whether they draft a QB and contract negotiations with AJ Bouye, along with possible restructuring of Cushing, Duane Brown & Kareem Jackson will dictate whether Osweiler is on the roster come June 1. I don't know what it will take to keep Bouye -- He wants to stay and the coaching staff wants to keep him, but someone might pay him bigly. And there's the chance that someone picks up Osweiler and offsets some of that $6MM bonus. Santa Clara (San Jose), where the 49ers play and call "San Francisco", is closer to LA than Oakland by about 40 miles. Sidebar -- Levi's Stadium is actually closer to Oakland than it is to San Francisco if you wanna think about how fucked up that is when both teams were trying to find a new stadium -- SF argued that Silicon Valley & San Jose was their market. And yes, Oakland is experiencing rapid growth because SF became far too expensive. A lot of SF & SV companies are moving into Oakland as their leases are up or increase as are the educated folks who work for those companies. The Raiders would've been the only team that this market would really care about. They've always been everywhere here. Everyone wears black anyway, contrary to Hollister's marketing of what SoCal wears so they're already naturally part of the palette. Yes it sounds a little stupid, but as phony & image-conscious as a lot of folks are here, it makes sense.
  16. Sorry I hadn't come through the see this, buddy... I would've said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because all of the obvious Erhardt/Perkins OC candidates were spoken for. I think had Mike McCoy not been scooped up with his history in Denver then he would've been the guy. I'm jealous of Denver. A name I was tossing around on the Texans board was Cam Cameron and blending his Air Coryell concepts into the EP system that O'Brien runs because the Texans have Air Coryell personnel. Air Coryell needs power running game (check), WR who can win (Nuk Hopkins), good pass-catching TE (we have two), good OL (it's decent & our only real need besides QB -- that roster is wonderfully deep). I was shot down because he "failed" in Baltimore who didn't have the personnel that his system requires, but he's single-handedly responsible for Zach Mettenberger ever taking an NFL snap and having a selfie with JJ Watt because of what he did for him in his first season as LSU's OC. Obviously the situation is sorted out. O'Brien named himself OC (as he did in 2014), promoted RAC to Asst HC so that he can focus on OC a little more I guess, and promoted Vrabel to DC to try to keep him in Houston. To answer the rest of your question -- In the Sound FX for O'Brien's first ever game, even though George Godsey was only QB coach and O'Brien HC/OC, you can hear O'Brien on his headset telling George what "type" of play to call in certain situations and it was Godsey in Fitzpatrick's ear. (Run, "take a shot", etc.) Godsey was given the OC title in 2015, but I think it was really kind of a formality & pay raise. At some point this past season as the offense sucked, O'Brien said he was taking over play-calling, but I still don't know how far that went because not long after that he described it as shared duty and I always saw Godsey with the play sheet. We'll see how it goes! O'Brien & RAC are both bad at clock management as HCs, but maybe between the two of them they'll figure it out under this new, intriguing arrangement.
  17. As figured, OC George Godsey & the Texans agreed to "mutually part ways" today.
  18. McKinney wasn't expected to be an asset in coverage at all, so what he is developing is a bonus. He's looking Ray Lewis-esque. There's also no reason to fire Bill O'Brien because the owner & GM forced a "franchi$e" QB on him. People shat on the Texans all year about being in the AFC South and because the couple of times they were on national TV earlier in the season, they shat the bed & confirmed the narrative. Fine. But the NFC West is a worse conference and no one is taking anything from the 10-win Seahawks who had a shit schedule and were 3-2-1 vs division. The Texans regular season wins include the Chiefs, Lions, and should've won the DF game against the Raiders. If the week 17 game meant anything at all, they would've been a 10-win team, just like the mighty Seahawks. (They were 3-2 to finish the season without Earl Thomas, but the Packers game wasn't close, so the only one he may have impacted was the L vs Arizona... and he doesn't make their spotty offense any better.) O'Brien needs to let OC Godsey go and bring in a fresh mind to break bread about offense with, which I think will happen because he's been a broken record about the need to get better on offense lately. I wish Mike McCoy hadn't already been snatched by Vance Joseph.
  19. I say this in the spirit of tolerance, most Pats fans can't see beyond #12 in QB evaluation or respect. Pennington has a triple whammy for Pats fans in that he's (1) a Jet, (2) a Dolphin, (3) not Tom Brady. Chad Pennington is #2 all time in completion % behind Drew Brees.
  20. Y'all watched that last Trubisky video, right? I had to again.
  21. That's the only knock anyone ever has on him -- he's a one year starter and they ask why he couldn't win the job over Marquis Williams the last two seasons. Marquis was an upperclassman, dual-threat who succeeded in the system quite well. (3000+ yards in 2014 & 2015, 800 & 950 rushing -- Cam Newton stuff). You guys really should find some game tape and watch this kid play -- he's so freaking cool, composed, confident and... just great. His vision, awareness and chill are something to behold. He has a cannon with a quick release, throws really well on the run, can change his arm slot as needed, adjusts speed and touch exceptionally and his placement is great. The coaches love him, the players love him, he has no ego or entitlement -- he's just one of those guys who is good at everything, accepts that he's good at everything and knows that he has the tools to be the best with work. Trubisky dominated passing stats like Cam, but UNC has one of the better RBs in the country and he's not a runner (but is plenty athletic enough to make things happen as needed, and his vision in doing so wowed me a few times). UNC wasn't better because there's not much talent on the defense and the ACC is the best conference in NCAA. I would love to see Switzer get drafted! He's such a gamer -- an absolute bulldog with diamonds for family jewels. He runs great routes, catches absolutely everything and is as tough as they come. His speed & agility should translate. Really he has that Welker thing all over him. He's also done this funny trick a couple of times in his career where he'll watch the gunner on punt coverage and, if he isn't paying attention, *not* call fair catch when normally one would -- he stalls for a second like he did fair catch and then takes off!! He's been Trubisky's roommate all 4 years if that says anything about them. Here are the highlights of UNC's 17 play drive to win it against Pitt this year, having scored on the previous drive with about 5 minutes left. I'm posting it because Trubisky converted THREE 4th downs and two of them were to Ryan Switzer. You can really see both of their guts here! Here are some Trubisky highlights from the @ FSU game the following week. I posted it because around 0:50, you'll see a beautiful situation of pocket awareness, pump fake, and seeing the field well enough to take off. Mitch stiff arms the safety he outruns (that's the YouTube still image you're seeing!), corrects his direction for a 3.5 yard dive to the pylon hugging the sideline, fully planked extension, toes together, entirely in control. I completely lost my shit watching this play live!! It's an example of him being plenty athletic. And many times this year I've seen him run, under control, and smartly, smoothly avoid the hit with great vision. (You'll hear now that he's athletic, but earlier in the season, even at this point commentators and analysts were saying he isn't a threat to run & isn't athletic... I was always like, "You guys should watch him for about 2 minutes.") Also above -- Around 1:45 you'll see a play where he rolls out to his LEFT on a PA escaping a little pressure, beautifully re-squares his shoulders and fires a strike. It's in a highlight reel, but it's routine. Everything is routine with him. That's why when reports say, "Oh he's only a one year starter," I'm sitting there thinking, "They haven't seen him play." He's the best QB in the country and I don't even have to see the others. (Though, growing up with Clemson football on in my house every weekend, I still watch Clemson and I've seen most of Deshaun Watson's career.) Ask Alex how annoying I've been about him and then ask him to imagine he's one of my Tar Heel friends! Some nice runs in here, too -- You'll see the vision, patience and anticipation I'm talking about. (Several in a row at 1:20 -- but for real just watch the whole thing while repeating to yourself, "One year of highlights. One year of highlights.")
  22. There is ZERO chance the Jets pass on Mitch Trubisky if he's available, which he won't be. I've seen him with my own eyes for several seasons now and am his OG hype man -- that dude is real. I've said all season that he'll be the first QB taken in the draft over Watson, Kizer, Kaaya and whoever else may generate draft buzz if he chooses to leave. (Given his patience to become a starter and the way he chose Chapel Hill to begin with, that wasn't a guarantee.) This is where I fell completely in love with him back in 2014 -- With about 4 minutes to go, UNC needed a TD to go ahead against Virginia. The 1st down marker is at the 1 yard line. On 2nd & 5, the starting QB, Marquise Williams is sacked for a huge loss and his helmet comes off, requiring him to come off the field for a snap. With the play clock running, Trubisky comes in cold but cool as fuck, 3rd & 15, gets the play in and snap off just as the play clock expires, scans through his reads and throws the go-ahead TD right down the middle. (The YouTube should be queued up to the play.) That scenario had "run" or "screen" written all over it and go for it on the next (4th) down with the starting QB back in. And the UNC offense does depend on the QB the adjust the type of play based on the look, so Trubisky even could've just chickened out and handed it off. NOPE. Fucking cold-armed strike for the score. My dad, a Clemson grad, won't take my bet that Trubisky is drafted before Deshaun Watson. Also not sure how Marty generates mock drafts when he doesn't follow college football at all.
  23. Cutler would be fun in that system. I don't think Bill Kollar is leaving Denver unless that staff is turned over. He was the only position coach retained from that staff in Houston when O'Brien took over (because Watt fought hard for him to stay), but then asked to be released when Kubiak/Phillips got the job in Denver because his grandkids live in the area. (Denver is actually slightly closer to Houston than SF -- call it even -- if you're thinking along those lines.) I think he's really a line rat -- I don't see him as a DC. Fucking hard ass -- Watt hated him his rookie year, but now they're really good friends. Their first exchange at a train station outside the 2011 NFL Combine went like this, and Watt figured the Texans weren't going to draft him... Kollar: You think you play hard, don’t you?Watt: Oh yeah, I think I play pretty hard.Kollar: I’m going to tell you right now, you’re one of the laziest players I’ve ever seen. Start at 8:15 for that exchange with Kollar 4:45 is a fun place to watch a couple of minutes -- they let him read his draft profiles
  24. Word... I totally agree with you on this one.
  25. Great point. He's lucky to be alive. You sound a lot me during the 2nd half of the Kubiak years in Houston. I'll save you plenty of time, keystrokes & thought -- He doesn't make adjustments, period. I think the play sheets will have to be pried from his cold, dead hands. He's not giving up those duties. Do you know the whole reason why Peyton didn't end up in Houston in 2012? Because Peyton couldn't fit into Kubiak's system -- Not only wasn't he physically able to run the PAs & boots, but Peyton runs basically his own Erhardt-Perkins offense where he constantly makes pre-snap adjustments while Gary Kubiak makes one call and the QB is nothing more than a cog in a machine. In 2012, it was commit to Kubiak and "his guy" (Schaub, who was extended while still injured with the lisfranc!) or get a new coaching staff around Peyton Manning -- for a franchise that just had its first playoff appearance ever. (Not gonna happen.) In 2015, you had an exceptional case of Kubes putting down the play sheet when Peyton was in and letting him run his offense, but Kubes running his offense when Osweiler was in. (And that got Osweiler paid, because he obviously can't run an EP offense like Houston has, but I'm not on their payroll to tell them that.) What of Rick Dennison's career made you want him as a HC? I looked at his 3 seasons as OC under Shanny after Kubes left and they were 9-7, 7-9 & 8-8 after 10 & 13 win seasons. Plummer went from resurgent in Kubiak's last couple of seasons to replaced & retired by the end of 2006. He was fired and then took a position as OL coach under McDaniels in 2009? I know you said he needs to not be the OC, but he doesn't do anything as the OC that I was ever aware of in Houston so I'm tapping you for some insight into what you've seen that makes you believe he's HC material?