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  1. Yo, I saw them a couple weeks back with all their previous notable members' new bands as well. It was really fucking cool.
  2. Don't worry
  3. post your favorite pics of you in a trucker hat with a life jacket on with Eddie from Taking Back Sunday
  4. In a few years "White Crosses" will be "underrated" by you queers. I think it has a few gems on it. AM! actually got me into The Replacements and that album sounds a lot like them.
  5. Anyone else been keeping up? That last episode, holy shit
  6. Dangit is it "Who's virginity I took"?!
  7. I saw some girl (whose virginity I took btw) post this on fb last night: http://yeezianity.com/ Guys, I got into one of those internet fights last night with this chick. I'm not proud that took part in this, but apparently some people are that retarded and I regret blasting my seed down her throat after making her pussy tear open on my mattress: annnnnd she deleted me
  8. but what if I am Jesus and you all have to suck my dick or whatever now?
  9. I covered the pussy cola song Is it weird that she makes me want to make music? I didn't care about this shit before. THink it's like a hex? Or do you think she's a Domme and she owns me and makes me do stuff to pleasure her.
  10. guys all that matters is I got my rep back
  11. Seriously. First band to play all 7 continents: Creeping Death (1:25) For Whom the Bell Tolls (7:47) Sad But True (12:28) Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (18:58) Master of Puppets (25:58) One (34:12) Blackened (41:58) Nothing Else Matters (50:01) Enter Sandman (55:06) Seek & Destroy (1:02:20)
  12. Listening to Lana when I'm feeling lonely is weird. She's talking about me in these songs right?