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  1. I went to the show in Toronto last night and I had an awesome time. It was my first time seeing them and they sounded great live. Alex, you shouldn't be in Europe because you definitely would have heard some old songs you wanted! Set last night was: Great Expectations 45 Casanova, Baby! Old White Lincoln Even Cowgirls Get The Blues I'da Called You Woody, Joe (highlight of the night for me) Angry Johnny and the Radio Blue Jeans and White T-shirts Here Comes My Man Film Noir American Slang Biloxi Parish The Diamond Church Street Choir The Queen Of Lower Chelsea Here's Looking At You, Kid The Backseat The '59 Sound She Loves You State of Love and Trust We Came To Dance The Navesink Banks Senor and the Queen Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis? Wooderson We're Getting A Divorce, You Keep The Diner Baba O'Riley The new songs sounded bigger live than the recorded versions I've heard.
  2. Got my tickets to the Toronto show today. Stoked! Anyone else from here going? Phil?
  3. Any idea when tickets for the Toronto show go on sale? There is nothing on ticketmaster yet. I really don't want to miss them this time around.
  4. For those of you that have already gone to a show, has Dustin been getting into the crowd for Avenge?
  5. I figured I would post this here instead of the YSI forum because hardly anyone views it, but could someone please send me the Red Sky EP, or more specifically Flags of Dawn and The Weight Of Glory? I seem to have lost them off my computer and can't find them on a torrent site. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the post Mixhail. Manners was pop perfection and this song continues that trend!
  7. Grabbed two tickets to the Toronto show on the 22nd. Beyond stoked!
  8. Farewell did not work as the pre-sale password for Toronto. Any other ideas?
  9. I am beyond excited by this news. I am praying for a tour that hits within a 4 hour trip for me. Please Refused PLEASE!
  10. like most of you have said, these are the only type of jeans that fit my body properly. being skinny = wearing skinny jeans. only makes sense.
  11. Here's to hoping for a Toronto date. I don't know how they can skip over this city though. Come on Justice!
  12. Phil, I was at the Toronto show last night too. I was looking for anybody who looked like you, but I had no luck. Thrice played perfect once again, I think they sounded the best last night of all the times I've seen them. The Earth Will Shake and Words in the Water were my favourite songs of the night, especially when they brought out all the extra drums. Plus you can't beat that encore. I managed to worm my way to the front just in time for Dustin getting into the crowd for Avenge the Dead. That was fun.
  13. terrible.
  14. I did make it to HWM, soooo good. Two nights before that I saw chuck ragan solo, and the night after HWM he played a set with Dave Hause from The Loved Ones. all shows fucking ruled.

  15. hey dude. sorry about the late reply, i never check my messages on here. thanks for the birthday wishes, but unfortunately i did not make it to Hot Water Music. did you end up going?