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  1. FUCK THIS IS SO GOOD. Oh my god.
  2. I didn't think you could make this worse, Guiseppe, but you did. Bravo. Your dick is fucking hideous and looks like a petrified tree in the desert. And no, I DO NOT HAVE IT SAVED ANYWHERE. I LIED YEARS AGO, SPECIFICALLY TO TROLL YOU. troll's walking stick. I forgot about that.
  3. I was enjoying my weekend in the Grand Canyon when I awoke to the following message right here on The Boreds: I don't know what you're trying to do here. Are you asking me to return the photo, as if I stole it? It's not really a physical piece of property, dude. So I surmised that you needed to use it. Except therein lies a great dilemma: Was it possible that you could not replicate the situation in which you had taken said photo, so you needed that specific one? But perhaps there is another issue at hand. It might be possible that the great King Missile single of 1992, "Detachable Penis," actually described a scenario that could happen in the real world. I mean, surely Giuseppe was not so dense that he didn't think that he could simply take another photo of his dick, which, presumably, is still attached to his body? I suppose the world may never know. PS: I DIDN'T ACTUALLY SAVE THE PHOTO AND EVEN IF I HAD, I WOULD NOT SEND IT TO YOU. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.
  4. Hey Mark..just wondering are you still using the Purina lyrics as your sig (can;t see your sig on your profile) because I've always used them on other forums but don't want to steal them from you...haha let me know



  5. This is a rad idea for a thread. I currently live in Oakland, just above Lake Merritt. I love the East Bay so much. It's a quieter version of San Francisco. Great culture, amazing food, so close to awesome bike routes and hiking, and I don't have to deal with the insanity of San Francisco. It's also much warmer here than in SF. I moved here because I was sick of LA and needed to get far away from all the shitty people and my horrible job. Got a job in the SoMa/South Park area of downtown San Francisco and I love it. It's much easier to ride a bike everywhere than in Los Angeles. I can't believe how wonderful the network of bike lanes, sharrows, and bike boulevards is. Definitely a huge upgrade. I spent five years or so in Los Angeles, in various neighborhoods: Silverlake, West Hollywood, Hancock Park, and West LA. I liked LA for what it was, but the sprawl/cost of living/shitty people got to be too much. I needed something new. Before that, I spent years in a lot of the suburbs between Los Angeles and Long Beach: Bellflower, Downey, Lakewood, etc. I hated them all, but rent was cheap and I was working/going to school down there. I spent most of my formitive years in Riverside, CA. I don't hate it so much now, going back to visit, but it's very easy to grow tired of the racism and homophobia you run into on a daily basis there. Lots of great cycling and hiking, but the Inland Empire is largely a cesspool of terrible. Lived in Boise, Idaho for 7 years. That's where my obsession with nature came from because we went camping/hiking a lot when I was a kid. I loved the city and the atmosphere, but I was bullied a lot because my brother and I were the only brown kids in the entire school.
  7. Their Coachella set totally reinvigorated my love for their live show.
  9. It's not. It's outside El Cid in Silverlake. In fact, I can probably guess what shitty club was there that night. Oh boy.
  10. Ugh, actually, that's why I'm intrigued. Once they started focusing on Draper, I was interested. I mean, up until that point, it was beautifully filmed, the dialogue is realistic, as are the characters....but I didn't have much interest in watching rich white men be bigots? I'm going to continue giving it a chance for now.
  11. Also, I swear I made this in the Movies/TV forum and now it's in Music? What the fuck?
  12. We have a thread about movies. Why not one about TV? I still don't have cable. FUCK THE MAN. No, I just have no need for it with Netflix these days. What are you guys watching? Just finished season 3 of Dexter. This show is fun. Jimmy Smits was great, but I felt the end of the season fizzled out a bit. I've heard season 4 is ridiculous; it arrives Wednesday and I am EXCITED. I'm patiently awaiting season 3 of Breaking Bad to come out as well. Started Mad Men last night and got through the first five episodes. I'm intrigued so far.
  13. Agree with this post. Though some days, I kind of like Miss Machine more than Option.
  14. Amen to this band.