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  1. still lurkin & twerkin
  2. how bout that snl performance though, huh?
  3. that shit aint shit. you havnt had rum til youve fucked with rhum. The best:
  4. ive been in sf 6 years. i still havnt seen everything and i probably never will. there just too much hidden everywhere. I could be walking somewhere the way i usually go and one day just decide to go a block out of my way and discover an entirely new neighborhood. I tend to avoid touristy places but ill admit sometimes playing tourist on a day off and just day drinking all day can be really really fun. if youve only got a couple of days I highly recommend seeing the bridge and alcatraz up close. you can usually hop on a fishing boat at fisherman's wharf for a mini bay tour for like $10 per person. they let you bring your own beer too, its pretty fun. Go to the haight and check out amoeba and the park. hippie hill is close by, and a great place to eat a burrito and hang out with rastas. There are some great bars in sf, theyre just pretty well guarded. Theres a tiki bar called smugglers cove thats really cool. theres also some proper old school bars out here like bourbon & branch, 15 romolo, and rickhouse. Recently theres been a rash of restaurant openings that are just slaying it. Charles phan's wo hing general store and his other spot heavens dog are crushing. amazing cocktail programs and really good food. AQ is in the running for best new restaurant in america and is right around the corner from heavens dog on 7th and mission. If you have a car go to twin peaks and the beach, see the windmill and have a beer under it at beach chalet. the sunsets in the sunset on a good day are unbelievable. Take the bart to berkeley, go see a game at AT&T park, go to zeitgeist and drink a franzi, get a burger at super duper (fuck burgermeister), leer at traffic cone sized butt plugs in the castro, get stoned in delores park, get in a fight in the marina (bro), walk through the stockton tunnel and see the real chinatown, get thug at monarch (best soundsystem, westcoast), get ire at dub night at skylark, find a rooftop to party on and drink til you cant see straight.
  5. a week ago: guys, im gonna baleet the bords duuur now: bards pleez halp duurrrr how will you figure out anything in 6 months without the boreds?!
  6. really fucking great dude
  7. i love anchorman as much as the next dudebro but i am definitely not looking forward to listening to every dudebroturd quoting this movie loudly everywhere i go.
  8. omg this food is so english
  9. Like haverchuck I've been working in restaurants for a long time, but mostly on the other side as I am better at dealing with people. Chefs absolutely hate dealing with people for the most part so to have someone like me on the floor who has the chef mentality, understands the food, and is personable makes me a valuable asset in the industry. Im currently learning the ropes as a craft bartender. that means I get to learn some new skills, cook a little, serve a little, and hang out behind the bar. We have an open kitchen and a lot of my friends work in BOH so its fun kind of having my own little island across the channel. I just finished culinary school which was amazing, it enlightened me to the myriad of career possibilities that are available if you work hard and come at whatever you do modestly. Acting like you know anything can be a death sentence in this industry among colleagues but knowing your shit is certainly the name of the game, and it keeps me constantly pushing for knowledge. I dont have a college degree. Its never really been important for me and what I do. In the past couple years any job Ive gotten I got because I went in and showed them I could do it. That means more than a piece of paper IMO. I work at one of the hottest new restaurants in the nation with some of the best bartenders and cooks around. Hard work can be rewarding.
  10. I worked on a post for like half an hour before i realized that I live in San Francisco, which is a definition in and of itself.
  11. he just got back dude chill the fuck out. earl is a beast and 2012 is going to get fucked by his beast cock. edit: the beat is by james pants. hed be smart to seperate from OF and go sign with stones throw. would be so dope.
  12. catch that bitch, hoist her up, and give her the hanzo treatment
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  14. QFT Spaghetti sandwiches to the dome