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  1. haha sex magick
  2. gomez you state how tv is garbage but you ignore that the corporations that control the media control the indoctrination of the united states school systems. My two things I have learned from school were indoctrination and fornication. The school systems in the usa are a joke. I can testify that I was a white kid and did bad in school and it had nothing to do with motivation. I was able to see through the social power grid that is implemented and could give 2 fucks about contributing to this society where at the end of the day everyone cares about #1. Now back to immigration personally I am the one to think that it should not be an issue. It is created for social discourse. the people that are in this country legally are upset because they are being told by the media that immigration is causing our economy to crash... but are to blind to see that we have been exporting manufacturing jobs out of this country for decades. Then you have the people that are here illegally or the humanitarians that say oh well "we let them in so its our problem".. now not that I disagree with this point of view either its just a double sided coin that should not have been aloud to happen... I am one to say if you were born here you are a citizen. So the parents that are here illegally should be given the ability to work here until the children are old enough to go out on there own (18-21) And also the parents if they are law abiding citizens should be given the opportunity to become legal citizens. If they want to contribute to "society" so both sides can be happy. I personally am glad illegal immigrants are coming into this country because it proves that if you follow the rules you are at a disadvantage. PLAIN AND SIMPLE our democracy is a joke. our economic situation has been a joke since fractional currency was implemented. So stop blaming it on illegal immigrants. If you pay income tax half of it is going to blowing up people. daily.
  3. haha thats funny A pokemon is calling you a dyke?
  4. Don't forget about the countries role in production of opium and hashish since we invaded.
  5. at this point it does not matter they all lie we now live in a world where a murderer can win the Nobel peace prize
  6. yea fuck weed i hate stoners people need to drink beer. and lots of it and i dont care what anyone says i can drive drunk perfectly