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  1. If you're uncomfortable with Power Cleans, they can be replaced with a seated or pendlay rows while you're starting out. I'll second the gains you get from SS. Its a no nonsense, work hard, eat shit-tons and lift heavy programme that always works (when people actually stick to it). The book itself touches much more on the dietary side of the program, drink a ton of milk... eat twice as much as you want to and then eat more Its a fun ride though, seeing the extra plates go on the bar is a cool feeling.
  2. It's great, much harder and more complex than LoL. Which can be frustrating when you first start, but ultimately becomes immensely satisfying. Valves support of the game is amazing as well, which is not surprising considering that Gabe loves it so much. The easiest example of this is the annual tournament they hold, which is going on right now. "The International 3" which has a first place prize of roughly 1.5million, there's tons of video etc around on youtube and the official site to give you a feel for the community. Its worth a try, its free after all. There have been 5.7 million unique users so far this month, we can't all be wrong!
  3. Balvenie's a great intro to the scotch world. Look out for the 12YO DoubleWood. Others distilleries to look out for: Highland Park, Aberlour, Jura... Things like Glenlivet/Glenfiddich/Glenmorangie should be readily available and provide the majority of the basic scotchy flavours. If you're into medium smokiness and some saltiness, go towards the Isle of Skye/Speyside areas... Talisker 10 is pretty much my go to whisky. But the big thing, which goes for basically any form of alcohol, is that you need to taste around and see what you like... I have friends who drown themselves in Islay stuff (the big peat/smoke monsters)... but its not really my style most of the time. edit: Those tasting notes were awesome by the way... maybe I should switch to Scotch tonight
  4. From what I've heard/read its a question of server capacity at the moment. They've admitted in the last couple months that the game is essentially finished (barring the remaining heroes to be added) but its hard for them to simply make it open/release the game as mass migration from LoL/HoN plus new players would be a huge number of additional players.
  5. I've got a spare one as well if there's anyone else who needs a key.
  6. Went through the entire first season yesterday and really enjoyed it. The descriptions others have posted are pretty accurate. The premise the show is based on is pretty cool and allows for some more interesting storylines/character dev than a straight legal series.
  7. There are certainly examples of others dominating their sports to the extent of Phelps but without the help of having multiple events within their sport. Steven Redgrave won 5 olympic golds in a row in his event (I forget which rowing event it was). Is Phelps the greatest swimmer in olympic history? fine. But to say he's automatically the greatest olympian is pretty harsh on those who didnt have the luxury of competing in 7 or 8 events which demand very similar skill sets. edit: A few headlines are referring to Phelps as most succesful, not greatest. Much more accurate.
  8. Huh that Inception link didn't occur to me at the time, but I like it. There was a reddit post earlier this week (no idea whether anyone mentioned it in here) which compared Nolan's Batman trilogy to the original Star Wars trilogy Having seen all 3 now it seems a very apt conclusion. DKR was, in my mind, the weakest of the 3 films if you look at them as stand alone movies... but still a very satisfying conclusion as an ending to a 3 part storyline. Epic fight scenes, memorable performances (though none came close to Ledger's Joker, having too many new "central" characters may have contributed to this). Despite running ~160min I still think there were too many characters to fit into that timeframe. Very, very enjoyable though. Similar to others here, some of the people I saw it with didn't really like it... but I wouldn't necessarily say this film was in their wheelhouse... beyond being a summer action flick. Fans of Nolans Batman will still love this. A-
  9. NBA

    I imagine there would be a lot of russians, a lot of knives and not that many intact fingers.
  10. NBA

    I agree, at that price they should let Asik walk. Whats the situation on Dalembert/Camby? I dont see how all 3 of them fit on Houston's roster. Could they steal one of them for the next 1-2 years? The bulls are going to be interesting next year. They're undoubtedly going to be a better team than is really in their best interests. If Rose can't play there's obviously no point in them making the playoffs, which they will do even without him. I wonder if they'll have the guts to remodel the team with 2013-14 in mind. Also.... Dwight. Moron. I've always liked him, for that alone I really hope his decision making in the last 12 months has been the result of bad advice (not that it would absolve him anyway). Otherwise, you're just a dick. Orlando are going to end up having to take whatever they can get, which inevitably will be less than he's worth. In a weird way all of his nonsense makes a Dwight and Bynum trade more even... egomaniac for petulant child (the 7ft version). ugh.
  11. NBA

    not to sound like Simmons or anything but... any time you can get a guy who averages 3.1 PPG and 5.3 RPG you got to do it. Bulls have 3 days to match. I doubt that they will. That's a little misleading, he averaged 5.3 RPG and a block in 14.7MPG. I've watched a lot of him as a flatmate is a massive Bulls fan. Asik is a great rotation guy. The 3 years for $25m is a bit much though.
  12. NBA

    hmm I'd be interested in seeing how total salary is broken down in comparison between the Celtics and Lakers, I would think the Celtics have more guys that deserve large dollars... also i imagine kobes current contract was signed/extended shortly after the 2010 finals. I doubt he'd get that now. The more I think about this I'd love to see the salary breakdowns of all the teams. Anyone know any sites that have it all set out to compare? As for your reasons why you're fine with the $, I agree we're not getting any of the big money free agents. But we might have been able to go after a tier 2 Free agent rather than a tier 3. It might have been able to provide a bench which could minimise the minutes load on Pierce/KG during the regular season. With KG staying I would think finding a suitable guy to spell him during games is crucial. Someone who can at least break even while the 2nd units are on the floor. edit: a quick google search tells me Rashard Lewis was the 4th highest paid player this year. Good. God. . Assuming this is accurate, rather disturbing.
  13. NBA

    The $34m is what gets me. Theres obviously no chance he needs the cash (assuming he hasn't secretly pulled an Iverson). I'm not saying he should be on the vet's minimum all of a sudden but I kind of wish the deal was more moderate. I agree with you though, I get the feeling that they knew/were very confident of Garnett resigning when they drafted Fab Melo. He has the physical requirements down and KG to learn from for the first 3 years of his career on a succesful team... you can't really ask for more.
  14. NBA

    Reports floating around that KG agreed to a 3 year $34m extension. Interesting.
  15. NBA

    [media=] Enjoyed this, some solid points made by Cuban. The Mav's still dont get the kudos they deserve for last season. Not sure they ever will. Second edit: Whilst I get that some NBA fans view Cuban's "intrusive" ownership style as over the top. I think pretty much every team would appreciate the level of commitment and intensity he shows towards his own team.