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  1. oh damn, SHOTS FIRED.
  2. 9th doin work. Zach, where's your retort?
  3. Ya, waiting until February is kinda lame. I guess they don't want zombies eating people during cheery ol' Christmas time?
  4. Watched this last night. It was "ok" compared to the other Marvel movies, the last fight scene was such a let down. At least you get to see the Avenger's trailer after the credits!
  5. On our way to a big Subaru meet in Santa Barbara last Sunday. Not my car, I pass by about 12 seconds in wondering wtf is going on haha.
  6. Check the YSI for episodes. I'm really sad that this was the season finale cuz this is the only show I've anticipated watching in a long time. Question about the "animals".
  7. Come to San Bernardino, you can pay your rent with EBT here
  8. Please tell me Arya cuts Joffrey's little balls off later on. I fucking hate that kid haha, so rage inducing!
  9. man i really need to get the books. i keep reading spoilers cuz i want more!
  10. NBA

    dirk just doesn't give a fuck, shit was HYPE!
  11. PETA is gonna have a cow after seeing this episode. Poor Arya, "I'm NOT A BOYYYYYY!"
  12. I need to stay away from this thread, you guys are gonna spoil everything haha.