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  1. Fucking great album, huge step up over Scurrilous. I just got my download card for Russian Circles. Can't wait.
  2. First Impressions: All Eyes Identity Crisis: Phoenix Ignition The Illusion of Safety: So Strange I Remember You The Artist in the Ambulance: the Abolition of Man (or Don't Tell and We Won't Ask... 1a/1b kind of thing) Vheissu: The Earth Will Shake The Alchemy Index Volume 1: The Arsonist The Alchemy Index Volume 2: The Whaler The Alchemy Index Volume 3: A Song for Milly Michaelson The Alchemy Index Volume 4: Digging My Own Grave Beggars: Beggars (or Wood & Wire... or Doublespeak) Major/Minor: Disarmed
  3. This is pretty awesome. Damn you Dustin...
  4. I actually really liked Infinity Overhead. Steel and Blood and Diamond Lightning were damn good tracks. Will be going to this. I seen them last year at the Glasshouse, and they played a great set.
  5. Got my weekend one passes and a camping pass. Already a bit hyped!
  6. I went to weekend one.... had a hot a girl by my side, so that was awesome. When I initially bought the tickets, I thought I was going to be there for more of the actual bands... but a lot of the EDM stuff stole the show for me. Wu-Tang was definitely the highlight of the weekend, followed closely by Jurassic 5, Bassnectar, and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. I was really disappointed with Modest Mouse, RHCP, and Grizzly Bear... not because they weren't good but because the sound was pretty awful for all three of them. I understand RHCP because of the massive sand storm, but I don't get what was up with MM and GB. I'll definitely be going again next year.
  7. This is on Youtube. Idk wtf is going on with the edit button but I can't edit.
  8. Damn, how did I miss this thread? Search kind of sucks... Everyone just trolling? No one really cares anymore?
  9. They released an unmastered track called "Tropics." Kind of sounds like Team Sleep. I dig it. Click the picture to go to Youtube video.
  10. I like it Zach. Only from like 1:30 to about ~3:15 or is sort of just there, nothing really interesting going on. Right after that it picks up and gets really groovy again. Props to you. I'm going to get the album.
  11. I'm going to be staying at the camp grounds. I've never camped at Coachella, so hopefully its fun.
  12. Sounds like old school KSE, at least the melodies do. I can dig it, but its nothing special.
  13. wow, persistence pays. I got two GA with a camping pass. SCORE
  14. Yeah, you're right. The standby page doesn't say the GA/Camping pass is Sold out though... hmmm
  15. I'll overpay, I need two with a car camping pass... Fuck that was brutal.