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  1. http://www.humblebundle.com/?hib5 It's been forever since I've been here on theboreds, but i saw this deal and thought it should be passed on. Pay what you want for Psychonauts, Amnesia, Bastion, Limbo, and Superbrothers. Pretty sick deal, to bad I don't have a computer to play games on...
  2. It's been forever since I've been here on theboreds, but i saw this deal and thought it should be passed on. Pay what you want for Psychonauts, Amnesia, Bastion, Limbo, and Superbrothers. Pretty sick deal, to bad I don't have a computer to play games on...
  3. i love this game, except for the ending. i need more time to think, but, initially, i hate it, the best analogy i've ready being the harry potter analogy where harry really dies and no one is happy and instead of maintaining the values all magic is finished, gone, absent. everything that you invested in is meaningless. rather than make you even happy with a sort of "defeat reaper get girl" ending, it goes for something entirely absent of soul. http://www.reddit.com/r/masseffect/comments/qr8bn/explaining_to_my_wife_why_i_was_inconsolable/ i digress... i thought that mordin was the best... his song, and his end... everything with the krogans was great, from wrex pushing for his culture's survival to grunt saying "I am krogan!" i loved it. i also thought that edi's dialogue was great for illuminating what we were working for. if only the ending reflected that...
  4. mine seems to not work, even though i play mp, the screen says "unable to connect to server" and thus my 50% hasn't changed.
  5. nice. i upped the input for the next month's 5/3/1 by slightly more than the suggested amount, and it's significantly harder (first week complete). i make through the 5/3/1 component with some stress, but the big but boring component is brutal (deadlifts in particular). i've got to believe i've just spent way too much time on upper body, because i can add 20lbs to the upper body BBB portion and not have issues, but the deadlift/squat BBB always leaves me gasping.
  6. a couple of things: as i said, i'm not that far through, though i'm approximately 10 hours into hardcore gaming, while doing every available side quest. when you first come across grunt... I. AM. KROGAN. awesome. and spoiler (i don't recall how to do tags so i'll shade the text) the tuchanka mission? amazing. mordin and wrex are super emotional. what kind of choice do you make? cure the genophage? or not? i liked the idea that the salarians invented the genophage to make the galaxy safer... but it didn't make the galaxy safer. and eve's view that the psychological impact has decimated culture as much as anything else? brilliant. i lost eve (i destroyed the info in me2), but thought this was an amazing "forcing of hand." you have to choose, salarian expertise or wrex's loyalty. and mordin... someone else might have gotten it wrong...
  7. from what i understand about the multiplayer is that it will multiply your galactic readiness score in a certain area. i'm not far into the main game yet, but i understand that you will have certain areas (the divided up areas) with individual readiness levels, which are then multiplied by performing multiplayer games in that area. i'm not sure on this though i found out yesterday when i went to check my shipping that toys'r'us (whom i bought from, as every other retailer was sold out, about two months ago) canceled my collector's edition and didn't notify me. so that sucks. they claim i will get it if they get more copies, but i ended up buying a regular edition last night at midnight. i have played all day today. it's ridiculous how little i have accomplished in real life.
  8. so i'm into week three of the 5/3/1 workout (with the big but boring component) and i'm suspecting i undershot my max lifts, because i have yet to be really strained. however, this could be the exact point of the program, as it does push you to high weights without overworking. nevertheless, i am enjoying it; i was too stagnant in my old lifts, and this change is a nice shot in the arm. the big plus is that my joints are overall feeling much better, as my total volume has gone down. also, my consistency is up it's hard to skip any workout because of time, because if you really push yourself, you can finish in less than twenty minutes. in other news, i took advantage of a few recent bodybuilding.com glitches, ended up getting a couple of 5lbs of b.p.i. protein for $6 each as well as 40lbs of "gainer" for $7 each 10lbs. while certainly not the "most ideal" or "best" protein (see optimum's super-overpriced whey hydroisolate), can't beat the price, and it helps get more calories in.
  9. new 3 inches of blood song http://www.metalsuck...-dark-messenger also, my current favorite song
  10. fun read, http://io9.com/5886178/why-mass-effect-is-the-most-important-science-fiction-universe-of-our-generation, particularly the cosmology part
  11. metalsucks has had a lot of the recent word on dillinger, particularly greg's antics and ben's increasing irritation with it (e.g. the mushroom incident). while i understand ben's standpoint that dillinger is his baby, it's his music, and his artistic outlet (and therefore greg's actions reflect on the band as a whole), greg's the one who hangs out after shows and will basically bro out with anyone. ben is stand-offish and distant, while greg has a good time. i have no problem with this. when it comes to the band, greg's the physical embodyment of the dillinger mythos: brash, arrogant, willing to throw down and get dirty. wave hello, then stage dive onto your face. ben? he's the genius musician in back (on top of the stack), shredding his way through everything you thought was a normal song. he says to proficiency what greg says to biceps: fuck yeah. then, he knocks his own shit over and keeps playing.
  12. i'll echo what the deadryme said, it's really cool to play through me2 and have characters show up that you loved and built (and destroyed) shit with from the first one. running up on garrus was awesome, and i was grinning ear to ear when wrex was on tuchancha, even though i knew he would be there. and making out with liara on illiam? yeah. i can't wait to tap that blue ass again. the game carries a ton of stuff over, and that's where the emotional connect really happens.
  13. no, in the new one, your "carry weight" will affect cooldowns. for example, your cd during the first demo mission is quite brief, but during the second part is much longer. thus you could run a biotic build while only carrying a pistol (lowest weight) and have much shorter cooldowns. you could just make lots of characters on different playthroughs. I got a new xbox just before i got me2 (and no longer had me1), which meant that my gamesave couldn't carry over. this week, i took a new carry over from me1 and played all the way through me2 (on casual), beating every mission in about 12 hours, just so i could have another playthrough with what i wanted set up on me3. so excited!
  14. it must have been before they were ready to release it... i played through it, it's pretty cool. very cinematic, although the combat is quite different. i'm not sure how they are going to sell beating the reapers, the odds seem pretty insurmountable based on the earth invasion sequence. the sounds/music are spot on though, particularly the reaper sound effects and the mansell piano/sad song when the kid dies.... you'll hear it.
  15. demo is out tomorrow. looks like my wife will be eating dinner alone for valentine's day. also, anyone who forgot to preorder the collector's edition (like me), i found some at toys'r'us
  16. 30 second clips from the upcoming tram album, doesn't quite fit here, but the search yielded nothing. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0076PDK9U/280-6075115-7043739
  17. i hate you. so much good beer on this last page. i haven't had anything good, because the store i usually buy from has gone to this bullshit preorder online thing, so if you don't watch your fucking iphone 24/7 you can't get the good limited beer. they had some bc coffee, but only announced it on the blog, so despite calling in to the store, they had nothing. in other news, i've started brewing myself, i've got the bottle conditioning now, but the first batch tastes like shit. i have to bottle the second batch in the next week, i hope to god it's more balanced than the last one. i might have to go to extract recipes....
  18. a hundred times yes. edit: and i pissed my wife off, who assumes that 7 beers makes me drunk, therefore all of my strong opinions are drunken challenges and not my actual opinions on how this game could have been so much better with better teams.
  19. so i did the 5/3/1 with the accessory lifts that wendler says (most recent t-whateveritisnow article, BBB), and i have to say, i realize it's the first week, and therefore 65-75-85% weight, but it seemed really low volume/not hard. i had more strain in the 5x10s than of the lifts. i imagine that will change in week three. also, how anti-extra days is this program? i'm thinking of doing an extra deltoid/trap day, (in addition to the 4 bench/press/squat/dl workouts) here's what i did: monday: squat: 160/185/205 leg curls, leg press, deadlift 185 5x10 tuesday: bench 165/195/225 dumbell bench 55 5x15 db row 55 5x10 tricep rope 100 3x10 curls 40 3x10 military press 85 5x10 face pull 135 5x10 by the way, my current maxes are bench 295, squat 315, deadlift 415, press ?? (i have been only doing 65 dbs cause of joint/elbow pain, so this will be hard to figure out).
  20. hey musicsaves or jayg, either of you guys have a good link to the 5x5 training? i really need a change from my stalled-out workouts, but everything i google for the madcow 5x5 is either a dead link or people adding their own accessory lifts. wendler's 5/3/1 is the next most organized program that i can find, but i think i'd rather push the 5x5. thanks
  21. i vote physiologically, what now?
  22. to be fair, the current state of the GOP "very rarely" focuses on who is more intelligent or more *consistently* moral, but rather who is the more sensationally moral. rick perry was the darling and obvious choice, pre-debate. then it moved to across to various other candidates who had the best "christian" sound bites at various debates. newt, who rose to prominence by fighting against the "lamestream media" is definitely the most intelligent of the bunch, but also the least moral (consistently). santorum's current success is based on his own moral identity, though he was noted as one of the most corrupt senators (bilking the education system, amongst other questionable financial practices) and then handily defeated in a re-election run, without venturing into his anti-gay stances. all of the candidates have had significant moral failings, yet when they each receive their limelight and fifteen minutes, they are espoused for their "return to christian identity." architects behind current GOP philosophy are similarly problematic, but structure the voting machine behind such moral identity, e.g. karl rove's brilliant strategic victories. look at the holy pat buchanan, who is upheld as an intellectual christian/catholic who idenitifies the shift away from traditional "America", yet his viewpoints are deeply rooted in bigotry. the entire southern strategy is based upon moral one-ups-manship while utilizing "budget crisis" against the perceived target of welfare: black people. rush limbaugh and sean hannity garner incredible followings not because of their overt statements, but rather the subtle ideology (currently based on budget issues) that pits the real america (other cultures! poor people who obviously lack morals, otherwise why would they be so poor?) against an antiquated yester-year (fundamental christianity, self-sustainability, bootstrap american mythos). this may have little bearing on your own political choices, but it means substantial votes in the larger national setting.
  23. i think most individuals who are either middle of the road independants or hard leftists did love and would still love the idea of the HilBil in the white house. she's done a fantastic job in her (admittedly unimpeachable) position as sec, and i've always enjoyed the way she articulated both herself and her ideology. i really have a hard time seeing any of the GOP candidates winning against obama, but at the same time, the current state of things (historically) says he really shouldn't win. which is why huntsman would have trounced him, had he actually been accepted as a real candidate. i do hope hillary becomes the vp, biden the new sec (indeed his appearances as of late seem to underline this idea and his desire) and then she runs in 2016. i was the only one of my friends who was disappointed she didn't get the initial nod, although i did go to a conservative christian college where everyone saw her as only a feminazi. i am always confounded by people who have such a deep hatred of obama, but fail to articulate it beyond "socialism" and "no jobs" when the larger failings of obama have more to do with his refusal to increase the stimulus spending and rather look for the conciliatory stance. the major criticism on obama is the domestic economy, though in reality it has as much to do with foreign budget issues as it does with the united states proper. furthermore, his international policy is actually more in-step with current "conservative" philosophy (e.g. ron paul's limited wars, the larger movement to pull out of foreign affairs that cost money) albeit differences in foundational reasons for non-involvement. in fact, the larger current focus of nation debate on deficit numbers is a credit to the tea party, as it didn't exist as a substantial talking point before their sweep into office, though the backlash (walker in wis., snyder in michigan, scott in florida) seems to be fomenting. while most would agree that deficits are a problem, the origin of those deficits is important, as it comes from decades of certain practices.... which brings me full circle, and more in-line with democratic policies and how they might ultimately change those practices, though i see strengths in both movements. this speaks to the importance of third party candidates. while not yet at a level that actually threatens to unseat the two standard parties, a third party does have the ability to restructure debate by pulling a middle ground into the conversation, middle ground meaning any other issue that is important, be it social policy, national budget, foreign intervention, drug policy, etc. this is why is like the existence of ron pauls (and his consistency of platform, even on national debates, despite booing, etc.) is good, though the individual might himself not be. what do i know anyway.
  24. to begin, racism is not simply the explicit display of anti-ethnic bigotry, but also includes the sort of ingrained and engendered practices that keep one group subservient to another. it's the argument of de jure vs. de facto, one is black and white (ha ha), the other is a systemic problem that continues long held beliefs. the [a]- argument quoted by chase recognizes this and its attempted fix. second, ron paul is not a good candidate, in part because of his hardline state's absolute rights view (which is somewhat antiquated in a society that acts nationally in a global environment) or his other (occasionally batshit, e.g. we all should be austrians) viewpoints, but is important rather in the frame with which he places the discussion. while i don't necessarily agree with glen greenwald, i think it's important to recognize how ron paul can be important in re-defining the types of dialogue that happen, particularly in the current GOP atmosphere (hurray for rick perry signing Arizona's Sherrif Joe Arpaio). http://www.salon.com...ingleton/?miaou Next, for all of you obama haters (both the independents and the hard leftists) check this idea out... http://articles.busi...se-robert-reich i don't see many people who would complain about that. also, as an aside, i am consistently surprised by the rabid and tenacious attitude of true ron paul supporters, they are some of the most paranoid and active members in any political party. so much so that i would be nervous if they actual held resonance within the larger populous.
  25. i wrote about that arcadia shipwreck last year when it came out, it's a lot like KBS, but a bit thinner in body than either kbs or bourbon county stout, and a bit less dynamic. i went to my beer store because they had shipwreck for only $5, but the store i went to had them all reserved. i did buy a 22oz of a 2008 schlafly bourbon aged imperial though, which i think is a step up from shipwreck. edit: here's what i wrote about it a year ago, for those interested Had two tonight, one inspired by you, Jason. Ok, first up is the Arcadia Barrel Aged Shipwreck Porter: Barrel Aged Lots of bourbon in the nose, pretty much dominates the smell. On tasting it, very light booze taste for a 12%, though my tolerance is likely high. I did ask my wife (she tends to pick up on alcohol quick), and while she's got a cold, she agreed with me and said the booze is not very pronounced. Anyway, back to the beer, it's dominated by vanilla, oak, and bourbon, with an emphasis on the bourbon. Not to say that it taste like straight bourbon, but that's the flavor. Jason is fairly accurate saying it's like a thinner KBS, though this one doesn't have as many (or really any) coffee tones. I thought the chocolate taste was similarly light, though it has a slight roast finish (doesn't taste like 50 ibu, but I am a hop-head). Like most arcadia ales, this one relies on the more "english" malt character, and, while definitely the best arcadia ale i've had, not all that great. the carbonation was WAY too high, and, after trying to parse out the flavors, i found it to be rather distracting and obtuse. While definitely tasty, i think there are way better barrel offerings for the price. oh yeah, that was 5.29 for a 12 oz. Next time, i'll get a 22oz of bourbon county for $6 (as soon as it's available here in MO...)