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  1. fellside added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Every time you post on this I wish I could give enough fucks to have an opinion, but I can never muster enough of them.
  2. fellside added a post in a topic NBA   

    Don't really like Deron Williams, but for $5 million a year, what the hell.  I bet he gets a bump in production (contrary to fucking Rondo).
  3. fellside added a post in a topic NBA   

    Did you see his thing with Mark Cuban?  He tweeted that Cuban was driving around Houston texting people, trying to get DeAndre's address.
    Cuban called him out on it and said it was bullshit.  Broussard responded saying it wasn't.  Then Cuban said he'd give Broussard $100k for charity if he had any evidence.
    I hate Broussard.  There's something that makes him less professional than Marc Stein or Woj. He's a weasel.
  4. fellside added a post in a topic NBA   

    DeAndre Jordan bitching out like the Aggie he is.
    Apparently he's having second thoughts.  The Cliippers are breaking the unwritten rule and going after a player who's agreed to sign elsewhere.  DeAndre is probably going to sign with the Clippers.
    Wes Matthews tweeted he's gone if DeAndre's gone.
    Celtics own Mavs 2016 1st round pick (top 7 protected).
  5. fellside added a post in a topic NBA   

    I like Stanley Johnson a lot.  That's about the only Stan Van Gundy move I like.
    Seriously though... Reggies contract...
  6. fellside added a post in a topic NBA   

    DeAndre and Wes Matthews to Dallas would be great.  But judging off how many guys have already signed, if Dallas misses on them like they missed on everyone else... their roster could be really ugly next year.
    If they choose someone else, the best we can hope for is Robin Lopez, Tobias Harris and Patrick Beverley.
  7. fellside added a post in a topic NBA   

    Can someone make an adjust for salary cap inflation calculator so when Demarre Carrol signs for $60 Million, I don't think I'm insane?
  8. fellside added a post in a topic Bill Simmons   

    He could just do his podcast in TV form (already did that with Grantland) and add in some video produced versions of a sports take each week.  Basically just do his article on TV.
  9. fellside added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    When Melissandre left the wall, I worried a little that the theories on how Jon comes back could be wrong.  But then bringing her back 3 minutes before he dies?  Seems pretty obvious.
    Apparently Kit Harrington said something about being done with the show, but I'm pretty sure the next 9 months are going to be an insanely tricky game of trying to hide him filming.  Don't think it can be done.
  10. fellside added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    Can someone explain to me why the Sons of the Harpy were killing the wealthy people as well?
    Half of the Sons looked like slaves.  I don't get it.  And they kill Hizdar.  Either this is lazy writing or they are the most mysterious group of people in the whole planet.
  11. fellside added a post in a topic NBA   

    Of course they only scored 2 points in overtime.  They play 6 guys and they're all dead tired. Now one of those 6 is hurt? Series is over if Kyrie doesn't come back (obviously).
    Likes Step playing Jordan to Lebron's Malone on that OT steal.
  12. fellside added a post in a topic Best Movies 2000-   

    I'm going backwards because that's how my mind works with time. I'll just explain the ones that aren't obvious picks on a place like this.
    -Ex Machina
    -Slow West
    -Grand Budapest Hotel
    -12 Years a Slave
    -Moonrise Kingdom
    -Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy - I have seen this movie about 5 times.  Now that I've read the books, it doesn't have quite the same feel, but I love the way it's made.  I like the little things the director takes the time to focus on.
    -The Guard
    -The Social Network
    -Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - The best HP book turned into the best HP movie.  They just got the feel right:  The most fun in the first 3/4 followed by the most tragic with Dumbledore's death.  I watched this anytime it came on HBO and it came on a lot.
    -Inglourious Basterds
    -In Bruges
    -The Dark Knight
    -No Country for Old Men
    -Michael Clayton - I miss grown up movies like this.  If there's one thing the 90's did well that people took for granted, it was the grown up movie that didn't have to be a ridiculously depressing drama or a period piece.  Flawless movie really.
    -Children of Men
    -Inside Man - One of those movies I rate way higher than everyone else.  Insanely re-watchable.  Have to finish it every time it's on.  Clive Owen and Denzel are perfect opponents I just liked the story despite the fact that the writer never did anything else of worth.
    -Half Nelson
    -Batman Begins
    -Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    -28 Days Later
    -City of God
    -Rules of Attraction - This movie seemed like a Greek tragedy set on a college campus and for some reason I connected with it.  Haven't read the book.
    -Gosford Park - Robert Altman taking a simple genre and soaking it in the depth of his character work.
    -The Royal Tennenbaums
    -High Fidelity
    -American Psycho
  13. fellside added a post in a topic 99 Homes   

    Garfield was my favorite breakout actor in 2009 after seeing Boy A, Red Riding, and Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.  Now he hasn't been in a good movie in 5 years (The Social Network).
    If there's any casualty of the Comic book movie, it's Garfield.  Hope he's great in this.
  14. fellside added a post in a topic The Official Movie You Just Watched Thread   

    Slow West
    (Michael Fassbender, Kid from The Road, The Hound from GoT, Ben Mendelsohn, a random hot New Zealander who's a terrific actress)
    Really liked this.  Favorite Western of the past 10 years.  Loved the acting.  Loved the theme of the film.
    It's $3 to watch on google and Amazon.  Watch it.