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  1. When Kevin Hart becomes a little less famous, I bet he could make Tough Crowd work in the future. He used to be a regular and he'd actually be a good host on a show like that, simply because he has good comic friends.
  2. Cowboys fuckin rule.
  3. NBA

    Unlike everyone else on that list though, Dirk is still playing at an All-Star (or close to) level and it's possible he will for another two years.
  4. Well I'm glad my uniformed opinion aligned perfectly with yalls informed thoughts.
  5. NBA

    He doesn't want to play on a lottery team. This roster probably isn't a lottery team. Bogut - Hammons Dirk - Powell Barnes - Anderson Matthews - Curry Lite Deron - Harris - Barea They probably make one more signing. We aren't a contender but Dirk can move up the scoring list and play in another playoff series I guess. He loves Dallas and Dallas LOVES him so whatever.
  6. NBA

    Why do you keep mentioning Dirk? There has been no talk of him going anywhere. The whole reason the Mavs are making these moves is for him.
  7. NBA

    I'm so ready to tank. The majority of this city would cheer for Dirk wherever we trade him (preferably not San Antonio). I'd be happy to end up with Josh Jackson, Harry Giles, Dennis Smith or Lonzo Ball. Any of em. We offered Harrison Barnes a max contract, but Golden State will match unless they somehow get Durant. Once they don't, we move on to plan D. Cuban, however, will just sign some half decent starters to one year deals and go for the 8 seed yet again.
  8. The Night Of is gonna be really good. I was engrossed.
  9. Is the consensus that this trade is bad for Montreal? That's what I thought, but my more astute hockey friend disagreed.
  10. Game of Thrones is the show from this decade that will be remembered most. It's the show that brought the blockbuster to the small screen. The question is whether it happens again or becomes normal. I sure hope we get something with this production level again.
  11. This whole season has basically been fan service, but that was an incredible season finale. Any of the last 5 scenes would have been the best finale of almost any season of this show.
  12. So the new show aired last night. I thought it was alright, but every other reaction I've seen has been negative.
  13. St. Louis was just better. Sucks we didn't have Seguin. I want a knew goalie and I never want to see Goligoski or Demers ever again.
  14. I'm so happy right now.
  15. NBA

    Not even sure Parsons will be a Mav himself.