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  1. I haven't been on theboreds in quite a while. Here's some photos. 20110224 by deckmanx, on Flickr _MG_0100 by deckmanx, on Flickr Shooting some of my wife's hair accessories for her etsy. IMG_7307 by deckmanx, on Flickr IMG_7433 by deckmanx, on Flickr
  2. That's actually pretty sweet. Might try to go to the orange county show.
  3. I love this game. I suck pretty bad though. Slowly getting better, I just don't have tons of time to devote to mastery. deckmanx
  4. I love film for the texture. B and H always has some sweet lenses for pretty cheap. I picked up a 28mm and a 200 there.
  5. That's what I use. Such a solid camera with cheap, quality lenses to match. What lenses do you have for it? Couple of good links http://www.rokkorfil...%20Reviews.html http://www.rokkorfil...20of%2050s1.htm
  6. I have one suit that is ok, standard black for nice occasions. It needs tailoring but I'm hesitant to take it anywhere in Oceanside (all places cater to marines.) I have a SWEET pair of baby/sky blue leisure pants but no jacket to match or go with it. I also need a navy blue blazer to wear to less formal events and such. That grey suit looks dope! Don't know anything about Indochino, but after looking through their website I'd say give it a shot. They seem like they have really good customer service.
  7. haha, excellent response, consider yourself repped. But srsly. Stfu Donny, you're out of your element.
  8. Thank you! As soon as I saw them on the wall of the doctor's office I knew they were mine. I still had to try on like a bazillion pairs before I decided. And I am no fucking hipster, trust me. I'm straight edge and my bicycle has gears. My moustache, my glasses, and my hair are not ironic in the least, they're fucking manly.
  9. Also the shitty makeup factor? No way.
  10. I got a different haircut, I do the slicked back side part now. Diggin it. My mustache continues to mature and improve. I started styling it downwards and letting the ends curl up a bit. It seems to be working well as the hairs stay put a little better and it cooperates more.
  11. I love my moustache right now. It has been so cooperative in the last month or so.

  12. You never seen zef so fresh