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  1. ^ You really need to lay off the caps.
  2. I can imagine you with tears in your eyes as you wrote that. Rage harder, child.
  3. ^ In that regards, I think your mother might be a virgin. You're living testament that human beings can give birth out of their balloon knots.
  4. You're doing engineering, right? Don't they try to weed people out in the beginning? I always thought engineering, especially at colleges like Cornell, focused more on just passing the class. My roommate is a third year mechanical engineer, and that's about what his classes test averages hover at. It's definitely not pretty, but if you're passing, you should be pretty stoked.
  5. I'm not saying it needs to be a carbon copy of the comic, but it needs to employ the tropes, characterization, and some story elements for it to be rightfully be called "The Walking Dead." I'm completely fine with it deviating, but at the same time, I think it would be a lot better if they tried to stay at least semi-true to the source material. Don't get me wrong, I like the show, but I want to see it improve. Who doesn't? To take a simplistic view of it, it'd be like if the made the Harry Potter movies, and removed and added whatever they wanted. It could still be good, but it wouldn't have the resonance if crucial elements and tones were not present. As of now, they're on track with the elements that make TWD special, but they need to keep on keeping on.
  6. There's an app for that.
  7. ^ You have reason to be. Hopefully Kalin's feet stay healthy. I'm drooling for a rematch. MSU vs. KU in the final four? Yes please.
  8. That's the point. Juxtaposing Dexter's relationship with his father and Dexter's relationship with his teenage son would add a whole other layer to the story. It could bring everything full circle. And how would Dexter become Harry? Harry wasn't a serial killer, Dexter is. That was the whole point about their relationship, that Harry could never connect with Dexter or understand what he was feeling. On the other hand, Dexter knows all too well what Harrison will eventually have to deal with. I was spitballing, and to me, it seems like that's where it's going to end. I was just making a prediction and throwing ideas around.
  9. It was just an idea. Go ahead and be a douche about it though. Not sure why it's 'horrible' either. I thought it'd be a nice way to denote the cyclical nature of victim/killer. It wouldn't be so cut and dry, but it still has merit. I don't expect you to provide any reasoning behind disagreeing with it.
  10. Oh shit, classic trap game coming tonight. Please god, keep the 60 game home win-streak alive.
  11. My god, this season is excruciating to watch. This whole cult thing is really not doing it for me. And Lumen? Seriously? More than anything, I wanted this season to focus on Harrison. It would have been cool if they had picked up the story twelve or thirteen years into the future. Harrison would just start to develop violent tendencies, and Dexter would mentor him. Honestly, that's where I thought it was going. Actually, it's not too terrible of an idea for a final season. Dexter passing the torch, I like it.
  12. It's interesting where this is going. It seems like they're following the setup of the comics and the characters, to an extent, but they're not cloistering themselves. I do like that they're developing the characters well. It's the most important part, at least in regards to TWD. Focusing on the human element of the situation is limitless. Honestly though, I'd really like to see it get as fucked up as the comics. We'll see if Darabont's got the balls to pull off what happens in issue 4. That should be a good litmus test in determining how far the writers and filmmakers are ready to go in regards to this series. As excited as I am about this show, I'm apprehensive that the really good, meaty, evil stuff can't be shown on network TV. There's some seriously fucked up stuff on the horizon. TWD comics are pretty much the most intensely violent, brutal, primal things I've ever read. The dialogue isn't always top notch, but the characterization and plot is superb. Some of the actors, mainly the asian kid and rick's wife look exactly like their comic counterparts. Some of the casting is a little off. Hell, Rick's character hardly looks like the actor. The spoiler below is in regards to the comic. So if you haven't read at least the first 10, I wouldn't click on it.
  13. Lawl, is that the dude from Boondock Saints?
  14. Nope, not yet. NCAA is still investigating. Not sure why they're taking so long. Self said he felt pretty confidant that he'd be cleared, but that it might take a while. It sucks. He's missing games.
  15. It's going to be interesting to see how Kentucky plays without Kanter. My too early prediction for a championship game? Duke and MSU. Izzo gets another off a late, Lucas inspired comeback.