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  1. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Headphones   

    HOW has it taken me this long?
    I will never, ever use anything else again unless I have to. Sennheiser is hands down the absolute best. Shits all over everything else I've ever listened with. I'm hearing sounds I never even knew were there. I can't fault a single thing - I pissed about for ages deciding over them because my concern was the heavy noise leakage but that's something I should never have even worried about. It doesn't matter to me at all when compared to the eargasm in return. But I will sure be looking for some high quality noise cancelling ones for travelling about and stuff. Will probably look at Bose.

    I was all down with the 598s but I could never justify owning cans like that just for plugging them into my phone/computer and I do realize that I am if even, getting half their potential as the high impedance means that I need a headphone amp or more powerful computer soundcards, right ?? I don't have a clue about any of this so was gonna come ask here anyway. If any of ya can help out then thanks. And thanks guys for helping me out on fb. You swayed me to the HD 518s and they're perfect.
  2. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Random Thoughts   

    Heyboreds. Been a while. Been a really crazy time. Well hey. when it rains ..
    All the shit that's piling up on me aside, all I can really focus on and think about right now is how tomorrow is the first year anniversary of the horrificly tragic and untimely death one of my best friends in this damn world ever. Since we were 4 years old.
    Gone. All in the name of doing a good deed for someone else and driving pretty far out to see a patient out of hours in a storm which tossed her car into a loch.

    I definitely still haven't been able to accept or come to terms with it. I troop on because I guess that's just me but with this looming anniversary every emotion and feeling has just hit at once and I don't really know how to deal with any of this. The most beautiful and kind and infectious soul who deserved all good things. I just don't know what to say, think, feel, do , Empty.
  3. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic The World Game thread   

    I can't see him doing so. And of course, that makes me very happy.

    Mike...seriously!?! The fans adoration and respect for Roberto, moreso than any other of those many managers of recent years - I see people raging about this everywhere. And none of them want Rafa having anything to do with their club (and can you blame them).

    And that's not true. Like a huge number of other PL clubs they would have built themselves into something - something with credibility which this man has not an iota of. He is everything I see wrong with the game. Just an ungrateful, too-rich-for-his-own-good, downright narcissist. His goal for all these years? The Champions League title. Apparently. huh. I need say no more on that. Simply. nothing or nobody will ever be good enough.(And never enough yachts to satisfy either ) And I really don't believe now that anyone with any self respect and credibility will go on to have anything to do with anything involving him. At least I hope that's how it goes.
  4. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic The World Game thread   

    I like Roberto DM a lot, Abramovich is why I can not stand this club one bit.
    He didn't expect to even be with them for even a day after winning the CL - did you fuckin see the way Roman reacted when he shouted "I did it" to him? Everything he'd apparently wanted and spent all those millions for .. and it's still not good enough! Nothing ever will be. He (Di Matteo) was never wanted and knew he was always on borrowed time. (I was surprised that people were surprised at this happening ..) and is so much better off away from this.

    Now I just hope to fuck that Pep chooses to remain dignified over being schmoozed with more money than he'll know what to do with. Let the fucker have Benitez. I doubt he'll even last half of that time. And pretty sure he's just lost his club some amount of fans.
  5. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Movember/No Shave November   

    pics, guys
  6. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Post Your Picture Thread   

    ahaha I super laughed at that. I have that as my fb profile pic and I'm just pure creeped out/laughing my head off thinkin of that now. I knew dude reminded me of something ...

    And holy fuck Tom, what the hell happened!?
  7. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic A Wilhelm Scream   

    oh dude, mighty jealous ! but stoked for you for getting to see such a mighty show. imagine it was off the radar. Mike said they played some new stuff also. Anything previously unheard?
  8. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic The Tattoo Thread   

    Thanks, it was one I found after a very long time of looking and my artist just changed it up and put his own spin on it. I doubt I'd be able to find the original I took it from as it took me weeks to come across!

    ps just noticed it looks bent there but it's not- just impossible to get one picture of an angle like that
  9. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic A Wilhelm Scream   

    yesyesyes! Mind = completely blown but then, didn't expect any less.
    Christ, so so good. Production is much better than on the EP. Trev's vocals sound great cleaner like this. And I'm diggin the hell outta the lyrics.

    Also, THIS. If you haven't seen this .. best clip since "Mike gets greasy"
    oh lord!
  10. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Post Your Picture Thread   

    Awol too long, god dang I miss yr faces.

    I've had two phones stolen and my camera has broken. So pretty much all my pictures. aw well.

    From couple weeks ago was in Amsterdam, (I want to go back now). Most hilarious photobomb picture I own. Just look at that dude ,,jesus.

    and we got ONE day of sun here at home this year, ha! Was an awesome day. Just got high, drunk, barbeques and waves.

  11. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic The Tattoo Thread   

    sorry to hear that's an awesome thing to do though. And sweet very ink,

    One of my best friends was killed in a freak accident in December. I still can't think of it without the heaviest of hearts. A few days apart from the date my Grandma died in the same month years back which I don't think I'll ever come to terms with, She pretty much raised me and I owe pretty much everything to that amazing, incredible woman. So, next month is going to be a really, really dark time. I'm dreading it, I had this g]planned for a while in memory of my Grandma because it is the first and only thing in this world that made me able to stop crying my eyes out every time I thought of her and instead, celebrate her life and the times we did have. Then when my best friend was killed I just had to go do it. It still blows my mind how music can just pull you through the darkest hours and make things better. This is lyrics from an incredible song from some incredible dudes and that's one of their logo's around it. I really really dug the design.

    Anyway sorry to ramble on. I don;t even have a good picture - this looks SHIT because of the photo saturation and contrast the colours are so so off and look pretty rubbish. Can't take a proper picture of my back, ha but I'm sure someone will take one soon.

    And after nearly dying a few more times, got this at the same time. Hard to make out because can't get it all in one camera angle:

    Been planning out more ink and can not wait to get it done, I'm going to London in just over 2 weeks (where my artist is) so depending on funds..
  12. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic [REQ]Thoughts and prayers for my stepdad   

    So sorry Jason, My thoughts and strength are with you. Nothing but time can mend these wounds. Stay strong.
  13. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Propagandhi   

    AMP magazine interview with Hannah http://www.ampmagazine.com/43403/featured-interview-with-chris-hannah-of-propagandhi/
    from a few days ago, in case of some ya haven't seen it.
  14. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Propagandhi   

    define "trashy"? unless you missed an 'h' before that r . otherwise I'd say your ears ain't workin!
  15. .Angeldust. added a post in a topic Propagandhi   

    I'm still in absolute awe. Haha instantly imagined your amusement with the line about the maple laughs Phil.

    Here's a short insight to each track from Todd, pretty damn cool: http://music.cbc.ca/...-track-insights

    the lyrics have blown my mind too. Just every damn thing about this. Fuck. No contest for record of the year.

    edit: replied while viewing the last page, didn't see the posts in this one.
    pretty much what Phil said.

    totally fucking speechless.