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  1. Interesting that they still garnered their highest chart placement, I believe. A testament to declining album sales, etc....
  2. Album rocked on first listen. On subsequent listens all the songs just sort of blend together.
  3. KOL is underrated
  4. Yeah, not bad at all. And what about that new Radiohead eh edit: whoops, didn't see there was a second page here
  5. yes
  6. not terrible
  7. Also Riley finished tracking drums for the new album, or something.
  8. wait how is this happening. i want to go
  9. I don't really listen to podcasts but a coworker made me listen to Ten Minute Podcast and I've been listening to one a day. Amusing
  10. nah
  11. I saw them at Taste of Chaos for the first time since the farewell shows and while not a *bad* set it just seemed really...phoned in, particularly from Dustin. Oh well - memories and all that. I'll still be curious to hear new material.
  12. Ran into "Bentley" at Taste of Chaos. Also Dustin looked like he had no interest in being there.
  13. dude uhh where you 'scopin last night?
  14. Genesis fuck yeah