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  1. Update from May: Manager has done well. She has gotten some tough breaks...very little support and backing from managers when she was recruited from another store and one of her people in her department quit in May. I also put my resignation in last Thursday. Hope the new job goes well. I need a positive change.
  2. Not really a standout album, but songs from Millencolin's "Kingwood" came up on my iPod's shuffle on the way to work this morning. Good memories listening to this.
  3. Would love this. Had a guest pull in today driving a 100 Anniversary Rolls-Royce Phantom in platinum white with suicide doors. Would love to drive that, even for a few minutes. I actually work at Jared. I sell timepieces and jewelry. I actually put my resignation in last Thursday, and will probably end up finishing out this week before leaving a few days early. I start a new job on the 17th or sooner at a company called Tourneau that specializes in just timepieces. Rather just focus on that and leave the jewelry behind for now. Not really exciting, but I like watches...so I am relatively good at my job.
  4. Do explain.
  5. I forget exactly, but I do believe someone higher up in the company had a son named Jared, and that's where it started. It is entirely possibly that the above statement is false. The details used to be online, as I remember researching a bit before I interviewed a few years ago, but cannot find it anymore. Fun fact: The original name, or at least one of the ideas, was "The Jewelry Barn". Thank God that didn't happen. (Would have made the commercials ten times worse than they are.)
  6. Not looking forward to the new manager who starts tomorrow. Should have been my goddamned job. Not hers. A year in this sect of sales, and you get promoted? Good for you. You don't know a quarter of the knowledge I have gained. I will let you drown in front of guests if you don't have a clue of what you are talking about. Bitter and then some? Yes. At the new manager? Mostly no, but she is collateral damage.
  7. 3951 S COOPER ST? Kinda creepy, but no, a different location.
  8. I don't mind working at Jared, but I fucking hate having to sell Pandora bracelets, especially with gigantic goals ahead of me for the day. Drives me nuts. This is the only place I can really put this.
  9. "You have the credit score of a homeless ghost!"
  10. Touché.
  11. I don't take any of this seriously. Been lurking/random posting since about 2002/2003. I know what to expect. Hah.
  12. But they'll be playing Deadbolt most likely in the set. Catch him off guard? Yell Madman or Opaque or Ultra Blue.
  13. Too many. (I am in jewelry, watches specifically, so this is what I do.) -Old Waltham porcelain dial railroad pocket watch. -2 old Seiko railroad wristwatches (one goldtone, one silver) -Seiko three hand, two tone quartz I gave to my dad a few years before he passed -Elgin, vintage automatic that belonged to my dad (overhauled recently as a Christmas present to give to him, but he passed before I could give it back in "new" condition) -Citizen Eco-Drive (steel, jubilee style bracelet) -something like 9 Invicta's -Omega mid-nineties Multifunction quartz 120m (blue dial, brown strap until I get the clasp on the bracelet fixed) -Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300m, Cayman Island edition w/ electric blue dial w/ stingray on dial (number 17/700) -Rolex Submariner 14060M, classic no-date 2010 4-line edition (one of the first years the no-date was classified as a Superlative Chronometer) Plenty I want, but won't be getting anything new for quite awhile, as the Submariner has only been purchased in the last couple of months.
  14. I miss my dad. Finding someone dead really fucks with your sleep cycle even six months later.
  15. You could probably stand in the crowd and make some pretty rash threats against his family and that would be a quick, but probably not fun way to meet him up close and personal.