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  1. Really good show tonight in SD. I've seen them many times, and I thought this one is up there with some of the better ones I've attended. That said, lighting was lame; half the time Teppei was obscured. Crowd was dumb insofar as a bunch of dudes were moshing hard during songs that totally don't warrant it. Lol at people moshing and hardcore dancing to The Long Defeat. Riley killed it. Great job, Manwhich!
  2. Thanks man. And LA had doors at 7, like SD?
  3. Thanks supre. What time did Thrice take the stage? The party I am going with has no interest in the opening acts, so we are trying to plan what time we will show up tonight in SD.
  4. I think it is more likely that "Whistleblower" is about the Mars Hill stuff (along with its obvious connections to Snowden; Dustin was very quick to point out in a tweet that this song was only PARTIALLY inspired by Snowden).
  5. Adam, welcome back! What did you mean about "Wake Up"? I don't get it, and I'm curious what you think about the song. The lyrics to Thrice songs are always much more important a part of the songs to me than those of other artists.
  6. I don't understand what you mean about the lyrics to "Wake Up." Care to explain that? I don't think "disenfranchised" means what you think it means. You meant "disillusioned", right? Anybody make it to that in-store tonight in LBC? I tried watching the facebook stream, but it crapped out after one song. They sounded good doing "Black Honey" acoustic though.
  7. This one I do not get. OK, if you think the album is not very good, fine, give it a C-. However, I think the author misrepresents it. They "fail to reach their epic scope and settle for dramatic and monotonous"? I don't get how it could be thought of as monotonous. And then the author's paragraph about the lyrics is way off. "[H]is criticisms and character sketches are too general to become suitable rallying cries" - it seems to me that making lyrics more general can allow for them to be more universally applicable to more people. Making lyrics too specific to a given current event ties a song to too specific a point in time, meaning it will become dated (see "Death From Above", NIN's "Capital G", or YG's "FDT"). Did this person even listen to the album or just the singles? As far as I can tell, "Whistleblower" is the only non-single track with a political bent to it. "Wake Up" is about procrastination; the author need only read the context of the Biblical passages it references to get that. No reason to think that track is political. (Reminds me of the time a review - Rolling Stone, maybe? - claimed "Like Moths to Flame" was a tired and repetitive emo tune about one's lover. LOL.)
  8. It's all good. Dang, "Hurricane" is NOT what I anticipated from the preview clip... but it is still REALLY GOOD!
  9. link?
  10. An interview revealing some details about the album to get us hyped. Spoilers, I guess? https://chorus.fm/interviews/riley-breckenridge-of-thrice Also, check the band's bio page on Vagrant's website for some other little details about the album. I am really excited to hear the opening and closing tracks. From what Riley says above, the titles, and that ten second clip of the opener, my interest is piqued big time.
  11. Something on KROQ tonight at 10 pm. Wonder if it will be another new track or just a broadcast of "Death from Above" for SoCal fans.
  12. New track "Death from Above" playing on bbc one right now. The music (guitar especially) is pretty darn good. The vocals are sort of disappointing. I am pretty sure the lyrics are telling the story of a bombardier or drone operator in the Middle East having moral problems with killing people. Meh. When compared to "Blood on the Sand", sort of more of the same, but with better guitar work. Edit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_one# you have to rewind the stream and kind of hunt for the correct time.
  13. So I guess we are getting brief clips of each song on the album in order one per day until the album drops. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Be_Everywhere_Is_to_Be_Nowhere#Track_listing
  14. Listened to it twice through crappy phone speakers and thought it lame. After listening through headphones I like it. The chorus is weak and the vocals leave something to be desired, but I like the verses, base tone, intro, and outro. After a few listens I say good but not great.
  15. First track, "Blood on the Sand", coming tomorrow. Get hyped!