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  1. My tier list for the album currently... --- The Window Hurricane Salt and Shadow --- Death From Above The Long Defeat Stay With Me --- Whistle-blower Black Honey Blood on the Sand Wake Up In roughly that order. Probably move a few around within tiers depending on mood/speakers.
  2. I guess I mean each song has dynamics within it. Overall the album has very similar vibe/tone, which is why I think it's cohesive. Just my humble opinion though. I can definitely see how someone would be underwhelmed. I am partially a biased fan boy so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I am digging most of it.
  3. So a lot of hype just because new Thrice so this is going to be a little biased. On first/second listen: Hurricane - I thought this was going to be my favorite from the snippets and I was pretty right, only in a different way. I like the mellowed out verses. Especially the second half of the second verse. Blood on the Sand - Heard this one a bunch. Hated it on initial release, but I actually come to like the guitar stuff in it. Still kind of generic, but the way this song kicks in makes me never want to skip it. The Window - Okay, I love the intro on this song. I like the fact that it grooves in the 7 feel, and then does a dance-y kind of beat that still has groove to it. The chorus opening up makes it feel really heavy during the chorus. I love the outro too. Based on the snippets I thought this would be one of my favorite songs too, and I was right, but again for completely different reasons. Most of the snippets seemed to be these big anthemic parts of the song, so we really hadn't heard the grooving quieter verse feels as much, but I'm loving them. Basically my favorite part of this song is the changing dynamics. Feels like something off of Vheissu in that regard. Wake Up - I like this one probably a lot more than most people will. I'm from the south and this sounds like some straight up southern rock. The Long Defeat - I loved the snippet of this they posted, but idk how I feel about the song as a whole. Again, I like the dynamics, but the verse and chorus feel less interesting than the other songs. There's nothing really different between verse 1/verse 2 and chorus 1/chorus 2. Bridge is kind of boring. I like the riff still though. Seneca - Wished the song was longer. It's basically the snippet you hear on facebook just over and over again. Cool and moody, but wish it was longer and changed it up a bit. Was hoping for Night Diving Part 2. Black Honey - I liked it when I first heard it and it fits the record really well. Probably the most polished sounding as a single should be. The only thing that throws me off a bit is the bass riff in the pre-chorus, but it has grown on me. Chorus is one of my favorite things on this album. Stay with Me - I love the verses. Feels like Danny Elfman. And Ed has some pretty sweet bass action. Grooving. Chorus build sounds a little new age worship-ey. Big anthemy parts. Probably one of the weaker ones on the album on my second listen. I would probably stay in for the verses, and skip possibly? Death from Above - Listening to this song the other day was the first hint that this album has some cooler dynamics. Hearing the three songs they released made me realize they were going for a softer verse/heavier chorus thing the whole album. I love this song from start to finish. Love the vocal effects on the whole album and they really shine here. Whistleblower - I don't think I like this song much at all. Boring guitar-wise, and the shouty lyrics are kind of annoying and distracting. Full disclosure, I am not a lyrics guy. Just as long as they aren't completely stupid and repetitive. But seriously, "I'm the whistleblower". Just seems kind of beating it over my head a bit. The second verse bass/drum stuff is probably the most interesting thing in this song. Salt and Shadow - Great song. Definitely water disk Thrice, which was my favorite. I like when they go soft. Overall thoughts - I really think it's a great album. It's very cohesive. One of the things I like about this album that seems to set it apart are dynamics. There are very few "heavy songs" or "soft songs". They kind of all have really nice balance of grooving soft stuff and blistering heavy stuff without feeling out of place from each other. The album reminds me a lot of Vheissu in that respect. Music Box, Like Moths to Flames, Between the End and Where We Lie, Stand and Feel Your Worth, Red Sky, all have this kind of balance that you don't really find as much on Major/Minor or Beggars. Maybe a few songs on those albums like Treading Paper and Promises. But I think this album goes back to the heavier parts feeling a lot heavier than on Major/Minor and Beggars while still maintaining the experimental trends those albums had. Ultimately this feels like a culmination of the last 4 albums with a trend towards Vheissu era dynamics. I think overall the song writing and construction is better though. And I think the production is pretty cool. You can definitely hear the collaborative effort with a producer. Lots of cool ideas with effects.
  4. Link please?
  5. Check it out. This is an extremely part time endeavor that I hope to one day be able to write/produce full time for so I would appreciate your support if you dig the music. More music coming out in the near future. A 5 song EP featuring this song will be out in a few months. If you missed it before, here is the trailer:
  6. This is super legit. Digging every track that's been put up so far. Definitely purchasing.
  7. You took it down?
  8. I used to post here quite frequently. I actually used to be a pretty hardcore asshole christian, but things have changed drastically over the past 5 years, so I apologize if I ever came across as rude or arrogant (specifically in issues). Either way, I am here to promote my music. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it.
  9. I've long since moved on from this forum, but I was brought here from the Thrice board days, so I felt it was appropriate to come post about seeing Thrice for the last time tonight. It was awesome. The supporting acts were amazing, and at first I thought the variety would be a little awkward, but it actually made things really interesting, and contrasted Thrice nicely. I teared up a few times hearing some of these songs for the last time live, and see a band I had grown up with go on with their lives, but alas. I know you all want the setlist so here it is. I split it up by vibe: Yellow Belly Image of the Invisible Kill Me Quickly Under the Killing Moon Silhouette In Exile The Weight Promises Daedalus Words in the Water Of Dust and Nations Firebreather The Earth Will Shake Broken Lungs Digital Sea Stare at the Sun Deadbolt To Awake and Avenge the Dead Beggars --- Come All you Weary Phoenix Ignition T&C --- Anthology I was most impressed with Beggars live. I had never heard it before because it's been a while since my last thrice show. I am not usually one who whines about hearing old songs, but they were really awesome to hear. Phoenix Ignition, T&C, Deadbolt, Kill Me Quickly, To Awake and even Under the Killing Moon, which seems like an old song since they haven't played that one much since the Thrice/Thursday tour.
  10. You're not the only one. "IT'S SPINNING TOO FAST. TOO FAST!"
  11. Wow what an annoying host. Here is his interview tactic: 1. Ask question 2. Interrupt answer 3. Repeat while occasionally trying to dig up dirt on inner band conflicts.
  12. It all makes sense now. Canada.
  13. You are listening to a Vagrant Records advanced promotional stream.
  14. Wow, what a turn "Call it in the Air" takes. That song is so cool.
  15. After reading the liner notes, I totally hear all the double stop stuff and power chording he did on this album just through what we've heard in the samples and the songs they're released. I think it makes the songs a little ballsier than they would've been otherwise. The big parts of Anthology and the chorus of Listen Through Me specifically benefit.