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  1. I'm sure he'll be coming out with horns and a tail.
  2. You bet!
  3. Hahah, yeah, that whole smoking thing is over and done with. Pretty hard to be an alcoholic when you're pregnant too! And yeah, it's the new old man's. I say old because he is actually old. Woo pix or it didn't happen! Fat fuck
  4. You smell ....... Worse. Diss. Also, it's funny that my last post here was about how I wanted a baby, and now I'm 8 months pregnant. Fucking woof man. SUCCESS.
  5. I cannot believe this place still exists.
  6. I WANT A BABY. I just had to throw that out there. Dead serious.
  7. Today marks my 28th day without alcohol. It still sucks. No one has proposed to me on a boat yet.
  8. YAYAY soy good seeing you!
  9. One month. Two loves. Three moves. Four break ups. Five days sober.

  10. baaaaarf

    1. haverchuck


      so you can smell yourself today?

  11. SINGLE WOOOO. First time in 8 years!
  12. Holy shit your signature is amazing. I want one. '04 yeah git it! How the hell is everyone. And by everyone, I mean the handful of people I still know on here.
  13. got that purple sticky-icky and champagne!