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  1. Anyone got a link they can PM me? Maybe, for old times sake, put it in the "Can you send me section?" Eh Eh?
  2. Does anyone have the songs prior to "Between Heart..." that I can snag? example Veritgo
  3. Sooooo, Community has been put on hiatus indefinitely, not knowing when its going to return. This is absolute bullshit! Cassidy, what is the best way of telling NBC of my outrage?
  4. Eh, cant even play the record on the right speed...
  5. Waaaaaat. Who is this?!
  6. Didnt know this was the Official Naked Hot girls Thread. Ooops.
  7. Im pretty much humoring him on telling him what Id need in return for Tulo. Were on the same page with the scarcity of the SS position. I dont even know if a top pitcher and a SS gets it done to be honest. Looks like were on the same page with everything in your post actually lol. Im not looking to create a hole at SS. I worked hard to get 3b (Wright), ss and 2b (kinsler) locked down for the future and im not about to ruin it but im open to the idea if i can upgrade my staff if it doesnt ruin me somewhere else.
  8. Well, im only interested in getting pitching after receiving a good SS in return so here are our pitching staffs: W K ERA WHIP QS NSV(net saves) His: VErlander Jared Weaver Kershaw Chacin Pineda Nathan Valverde Rauch Walden Franklin Britton Mine: Grienke PEavy (dl waiver wire pickup) Holland Scherzer Zambrano Jurrjens Braden Bell Marmol Broxton Kennedy Drabek Ogando I have a lot of young guys that should/could turn out to be decent but obviously I need another bona fide ace or two. If im giving up a pitcher in return, he only like Grienke and Scherzer. Keeper league btw. We can keep any 10 players every year.
  9. So, this guy who has a man crush on Tulo wants him badly. What should i ask for in return? First, he needs to get me another SS thats atleast in the 2nd tier. Then, I need pitching. should ask for two of his aces? An ace and a very good pitcher?
  10. NBA

    Spoelstra is a solid coach. Hes had shit to work with. Lebron is a punk and im glad shit is turning into a circus down there... http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=aw-lebronspoelstra112910
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMH8vNhz9QI&feature=player_embedded
  12. Maybe it does have to do with Dexter's dad but I always just thought he badly needed the money.
  13. So, apparently Zooey Deschanel has a sextape coming out and there are pics. Edit: Upon looking, it doesnt really look like her, but you can still appreciate the look alike