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  1. Chaos Magick is doomed from the start because it pretends to be a very sophisticated and advanced system of high magick, but it is in fact a gross modern misrepresentation of the core teachings of mystery schools. It's even so more dead now that the current leaders in Chaos Magick have turned against Aleister Crowley's Thelema, even though a great deal of their materia comes directly from treating the subject matter.
  2. It hasn't always been perfect and such organizations have historically become corrupt, and yes they have been striving for power, but they are testament that our systems are far from perfect, they are primitive, but the goal it strives towards is overall 'good'. Or sufficient enough to appease all of the power of nature, including our own nature. If we understand something about evolution is the following. By satisfying our desire, we are satisfying a transcendental task. Our desires are created from our nature, and our nature is part of this overall picture that is transforming dead matter into living matter, converting seemingly simple systems into more novel and sophisticated systems.
  3. I think what you are referring to is the dynamic of the 'revelation of God' and the 'message'. For centuries it has been thought that the divine is a latent capacity in man that 'reveals' itself to some through the 'ordeals' in order to manifest itself on this plane. In other words, the word of God incarnates into this planes through our word and deed, and this is what creates the hierarchical system of most religions. In a sense, the message, the destination, the goal of humanity, it's ultimate purpose, is to be divined through different methods of philosophy in order to come to a consensus, and once this consensus is reached a hierarchy of masters is established to guide humanity towards that ideal. Man exists in many layers, from his primitive animal origins, to his cosmic destiny. In the purpose of man to make sense of this condition and whether you believe in a powerful cosmic presence that created it all or not, it is much simpler to look at nature, the nature of things, and understand that it resides within us and without us, and it seems to have an intelligent purpose. Although the explanation of what that purpose is may escape us altogether, we can divine through philosophy what our particular role in this situation shall be. And again, once we come to a consensus on what this means, we build systems for imparting this knowledge to others and guide humanity towards this goal. I think of it in terms of evolution and metaphysics, combined with a little bit of divine imagination that gives us the nourishment we need when we crave 'meaning'.
  4. So I know there is some strong critics to the new Marijuana Legalization bill coming up for Oregon (because it is basically engineered to cater to big cannabis businesses and would do away with the Medical Marijuana Program which supplied weed at very low prices). And I know that the New York Times calls for a federal legalization of cannabis recently. What I am hoping is that ALL of these legislations pass because that would destroy the criminal element of cannabis which is affecting Mexico in big ways. Sure the cartels will just pick up the meth and heroin industries, but those represent very little income for them and the demand for those drugs isn't as significant as weed. Imagine how many people were smoking weed illegally, it's a shit ton.
  5. I realized that it can be very inhumane to stereotype people like that. Afterall we have all been victims at some point of being somewhat basic ourselves. When we start thinking about how we were in high school we can determine we were super basic. Maybe the phenomenon is based on an inability to adapt to change, or rather that people grow even stronger into their roles as basics that they cannot perceive reality internally at all, all of their perception is based on outside approval of the most basic form. Imagine if basic bitches made art, what would it look like? It'd be just like an instagram account in my opinion.
  6. Hermaphoditism wasn't around until much later in alchemy, when the seekers sought to create perfect balance between the two genders using the generative principle (sex) to 'mix the chemicals right dear'
  7. Well you are right, but I think that's been the basic premise of 'mystery religions' for a long time, and it was a clear sign of strength in many areas. There are disciplines that need to be had to arrive at a certain ideal destination, and if some know better than others, it's okay to let them rule.
  8. Yeah, there is something about growing up in a place where LSD was literally on tap that was special. But I am glad hippies where able to get that stuff to you all the way to rural Texas.
  9. what if all i do with my brahs is take LSD? To be fair, this is a totally valid question. After all taking LSD was only associated with increased creativity and intellegince when people like Aldous Huxley and other intellectuals were taking it. A lot can be said about people who take LSD and pretend to be more enlightened because a mechanism in their brain triggers new functions of thought and create spiritual experiences similar to those revealed in the Bible and in the hermetic writings, but psychedelic culture has degraded into a consumption of image in the New Age, and it is silly to think that one that takes psychedelics HAS TO BE new age, in reality the self does not need to identify with a subcultural group per se in order to be exposed to new ideas, those new ideas could be found already in classical philosophy and through the study of standard methods of thinking (except in the case where one argues evangelical christianity to be 'normal').
  10. Some argue the source of the hermetic teachings came from Zoroaster himself and were passed down as a mystery religion, other claims it was Moses who received the Kabbalah along with the tablets of the law which later became an oral traditions. Others argue for the existence of an Egyptian Mage named Hermes Trismigestus, who was contacted by a praeternatural entity and endowed with knowledge of God and Creation, thus giving him true Knowledge of existence, or gnosis. Whatever the case, here is this video of an expert in rennaissance hermetic thought and revivalist attitudes who can trace it all the way back to the original writings of Plato, really interesting. For those that don't know, O.T.O., standing for Order of the Temple of the East, is a hermetic school and fraternal order.
  11. Y'all just mad because LSD gave us increased creativity and opened a pathway towards enlightenment slash a more purposeful existence, in contrast with your lame ass frat boy antics.
  12. Not related but I am, friends with Heiko Julien on facebook, he was big onto the whole HotDOg stock photo facebook page and I decided to add him or whatever ebcause he seemed funny, turns out he writes for thought catalog (at this point I am now in communication with writers for VICE, Disinformation, and other sites as well, some which lived in Seeattle and I have met in person. ANyways, he recently wrote this for them and I thought it was funny-
  13. Also this thread just keep getting better and better, I think people should keep posting on the boreds, it would be a sad thing to see it go down.
  14. What's funny is that I actually owned that exact phone through verizon at one point, but did not remember making that post at all, at such point in my life I would have probably had a motorola through T-Mobile.
  15. I think these jokes are funnier now than ever, like they got better with old age. The scion toaster thing had me giggling like crazy just now, maybe it's because we are mature and we were so immature then that it's like laughing at how clever we were back then.