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  1. Fuck, this band gets worse every year.
  2. My old one is frozen forever in internet history books at: My remake is clocked at:
  3. I don't know, there is a possibility of FYF; we will see. I for one would be stoked on that.
  4. I haven't really heard anything new but my most anticipated releases of this year are new: Wild Nothing Calexico The Radio Dept. Postiljonen Gazoota and of course Thrice
  5. And how do they know they can trust you?
  6. If anyone wants my 2 weekend two tickets and camping pass let me know. Selling all of it.
  7. The headliners are undeniably sub par, and cumulatively I don't think there are enough acts I'm excited about to warrant me keeping my tickets. I think I'll be selling, but we'll see.
  8. I read about 70 pages of White Noize a couple of months ago and couldn't get into his meandering, detached style. I feel like a lot more should have happened to pull in by the time I got that far.
  9. This looks almost nothing like the original.. not that I was so attached to it or anything. But this could be potentially badass
  10. This year has been sub par overall. Of the few I really enjoyed: The War On Drugs - Lost in the Dream Cheatahs - Cheatahs Interpol - El Pintor Half decent: Mac DeMarco - Salad Days Mogwai - Rave Tapes The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi
  11. The only show I want to see here is Kurt Vile's, but of course I'm too broke even for this shit.
  12. I agree with most of your sentiments. Major/Minor would be their best album in my eyes if it weren't so lyrically heavy-handed and preachy in such an overbearing way. Musically, I'm a big fan of it. But the lyrics just weigh on everything. The only songs that are still listenable to me are the ones that can be left open to interpretation, not bowing to any overtly religious theme. "Words in the Water" is one of those songs, I agree. "In Exile" still really holds up for me as well, possibly more than any other song in their discography, though the rest of Beggars has its share of songs I could take or leave. As for Alchemy Index, it was an ambitious project that could have been a lot better. "Broken Lungs" holds up the most of all the songs from that era, I think. In the end I think this band couldn't hold it together because of Dustin's ties to a certain brand of extreme religiosity, which only became increasingly pronounced with each passing album. All you have to do is listen to the lyrics. I don't think I would want to hear any new music from this band. And I don't see it happening either.
  13. Phil, I'm pretty sure I started eating the skin of Kiwis thanks to you posting about it in the past. I still do that and I love how people look at me like I'm crazy when I mention it but I just tell them, "Nah, it's super edible, naw big deal."
  14. That cover is the most overproduced piece of shit music I've heard in a while.
  15. I desperately wish someone would take me to this for my birthday. Ha