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  1. Guest list for Sacramento!
  2. Doug Loves Movies!
  3. Chewin' It - Steve Lemme and Kevin Hefferernan (Two dudes from Broken Lizard) Bertcast - Bert Kreischer interviews a lot of great comedians Mike Hererra Hour - Mike from MXPX interviews musicians he tours with and bloggers about politics.
  4. forever alone?
  5. Just got married!
  6. Going to try and make the reno show.
  7. Best Thanksgiving I've had in awhile. Had the usual family over, some family friends, and my fiancee. Ran the SJ marathon in the morning, had brunch, then it was smoking the turkey for 9 hours and lots of drinking/football.
  8. got mine and will be rocking it tonight/tomorrow/friday/saturday
  9. bought the supre edition!
  10. just booked my flight to OC for the friday/saturday show.
  11. I'll be going to the final show now!
  12. My name is Kevan (or Van) Bought tickets to the 2nd HOB show, SF, and Santa Cruz. Still need LA tickets.
  13. I got my SF/SC/2nd Ahaheim show tickets.
  14. See you bitches at SF/Santa Cruz/Anaheim...LA pending