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  1. greensmoke.com thank me later
  2. only part of this season i didnt like was in the first episode when he kills the paramedics. no plastic no shit wtf dex do you wanna get caught!!!!
  3. someone chives
  4. would love invite plzzzzz. dkicker07@gmail.com
  5. Re2 ReMake Re3 Re4 Re: CODE VERONICA Re:1 Re 5 Re:0
  6. Worst thread ever
  7. i will house and transport the both of you if u have 2 extra blizzcon tix or i can somehow acquire 1 for my girlfriend as well
  8. hey guys how do i change the sound my phone makes when im waiting for the operator to connect me to branson?
  9. this. the episode made me feel really anxious like come on and fucking cry dammit!
  10. ok ill keep the elephant drawings
  11. im fuckin excited. bill nighy=win
  12. might have been dealing with a lone gunman hahahahahahahahaah
  13. i posted this in the dubstep thread but i feel like this kid deserves his ow thread. he is like a treasure chest of hilarity