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  1. Haha. That's awesome.
  2. Even though I'm never on here... and no one really cares anyways, but this is a photo of me playing an old KAY guitar my friend rebuilt while camping at Apache Lake Music Festival. Camping on the beach rules. And this one too. Anyways. I'll probably poke around here some more. I haven't been on here in ages.
  3. It looks like the season 5 flash forward is going to be more rewarding than the plane crash. The HAZ-MAT scenes had me excited and didn't end very exciting. It's still the only show I follow these days. Great opener.
  4. I hooked up with a girl one night and now she is dating my good friend/roommate/bass player. We all hangout together. There's those semi-awkward time where shes drunk and brings that night up, but I brush it off. Of course, I don't have any interest in her like your roommate might still be into that dude. Probably doesn't help, but it is a similar situation. GL
  5. New Grizzly Bear is pretty rad

    1. Capricancerous
    2. Vito


      It's just a song. Check on pitchfork

    3. Capricancerous


      eh, I'll wait for the album.

  6. Wow. I played with them when I loved in Ohio right after "Mercy" came out on their final tour. Partied all night after the show too. Really cool guys. Ok, I'm done, trip down memory lane. I was in A.M. Error on the flier.
  7. Presale was the first week of June... Or the first week of July. I believe it was June though.
  8. If you are interested in expanding beyond local I can get Phoenix bands in on it probably. I have had some friends throw festivals and it's always fun! We are doing a 3 day one in the late fall in Arizona.
  9. Grandaddy. Fuck.
  10. ^Thats all accurate from what I saw too. Zack De La Rocha came out for DJ Shadow. The Shadowsphere was real cool, but the best stage setup goes to Amon Tobin for sure. Flying Lotus jammed with ThunderCats too.
  11. GIVERS, The Rapture, Beats Antique, and tUnE-yArDs were a few really good ones to catch. I really like GIRLS, but they kind of sucked. Overall it was a really cool Coachella. I miss The Creators Project though. Can't wait to see more pics Supre. That Pele one is sick, I must've been 10 feet behind you there.
  12. I don't know where the best place to post this is... I have had terrible luck with chicks for a long time. Things are turning around recently to my dismay. I fucked this chick Saturday night while there were 2 other drunk people passed out in it. haha. I was gonna kick em out, but I was drunk and thought it was funny. They still have no clue.
  13. Don't post in here often these days, but today is too good to keep to myself. Not only did my band "Danger Paul" play a killer set for our debut on Saturday, but my boss pulled me aside this morning and said I am getting a 25% raise and it will be retro payed back from July. My next check is going to be amazing and now I know I can get my album recorded much sooner than projected. Got a phone call too that the new of Montreal vinyl arrived for me to go home to today too. 2012 rules so far!
  14. The walk can be tough. I have made very long 10-20 walks while fucked up and dehydrated in the sun. That sucks. Preperation is good. I still won't get a locker though. I don't trust myself with those.... at Coachella considering the circumstances.