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  1. Nope.
  2. Packers, even w/o Jennings.
  3. Considering the HOB one was haphazardly done as it is, because Live Nation pushed it on em? And I am sure Island felt it was another way to make some money before they cut ties with the band, why would Thrice want to do it? And remember, they wouldve had to pay for the film crew either going with them on the whole tour, or just for the final week. Shit costs money, and they dont have major label backing, so having a photographer follow them around for a week and just having the extra gear needed to record all their shows on tour was the most cost effective thing to do here. Is this fucking better? Did I just make you feel smarter or dumber? This would be wonderful if all of it were true, but it isn't. The Live at the Anaheim HOB DVD/album came out on Vagrant (btw), we lucked out because LiveNation offered to film the show for free (and we probably couldn't have afforded it otherwise), and we didn't really want to do a Farewell Tour DVD because we wanted to enjoy the last tour without a camera crew lurking around (and yeah, money). I'm not gonna go back and correct all the misinfo that's been spouted in this thread (from several people) since its inception, but I'll assure you that there's a shit ton of it. It's OK to not know some things. You're not supposed to not know stuff. Just enjoy the music or don't. Don't spout invective like it's fact when you're getting third, fourth, or fifth, or sixth or nth hand info. Who does that help?
  4. Hi, guys. It's Riley. Just wanted to drop in (rather than lurk) and thank you all for being honest, open, supportive, (sometimes dickish/shitty/vitriolic/misinformed to the point of frustration, yet still kind of awesome in a weird way), and thank you for being faithful to the band for the past ~14 years. The internet is a big place. If you get sent enough links to a particular place, you're bound to read and follow if the things you're reading (in said place) are interesting/informative/so ridiculous that you can't turn away. I posted on Buddyhead for a long time back in the early '00s, and this place kinda reminds me of the old BH board in a few ways. That's why I always lurked...sometimes (pre-tour, post-record leak) more than others. In short (err..long, I guess), THANK YOU. I know a ton of you traveled a long way and spent a ton of money to come spend the past tour with us. It means a lot, and it certainly doesn't go unrecognized. I've met several of you over the years, and I hope I've had the chance to let you know, in person, how much I appreciate what you've done for us. None of this was possible without you guys. I'm gonna draft something re: the "hiatus" in the next few days that I'll post on, but just wanted to pop my head in here and say thanks before I did that, because most have you have been in this thing for the long haul. I'm still having trouble figuring out how to (eloquently) put the emotions I've felt over the past two months into a post that might make sense to people (who haven't been on this side of the curtain or haven't been following the band for a long time into words), but I think I'll get there. Thank you all for caring enough to spend time/money/energy/keystrokes/energy on a band that I was lucky to be a part of. Hopefully we'll see you sooner than later. -Riley
  5. DOf
  6. NO but DOG
  7. LOL Osry Wede
  8. guys im just
  9. dog
  10. prolly should
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  12. this shit sucks