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  1. My father touched my butthole. That's why I'm on your penny.
  2. Friendly acquaintance dies. Friend is sad.
  3. Do you really believe that court cases are decided by juries making decisions based on evidence and lawyers' arguments? Oh Danny, how could you be so naive? Dan, court cases are decided by a series of blow jobs. In fact, our entire civilization is built on blow jobs.
  4. Hey how you doin' sweetheart? Want any aspirin? Wanna make a phone call? You can if you want. Heyheyhey alright! Have some more ice. YEAH THESE ARE THE DAYS PEOPLE. THESE ARE THE PARTY DAAAAAAYS!!!!
  5. I'm thinking about runnin away from my grandma's house
  6. you've got to follow your balloon
  7. ahaha yeah that was the one that got me into Mr. Show
  8. Alright, it's 1952, we're on a backlot. It's time for the awards...THE HOLLYWOOD AWARDS!
  9. Sorrow is the key that gets our tears out of eye jail.
  10. I heard about my death today, on the local radio When I join myself in heaven, with Jimmy on guitar I'll shed a tear for me and wish upon my superstarrrrrrrrrrr I'll miss you... me
  11. NAMBLA We're not killers.
  12. mother father chinese dentist
  13. Oh, Sweet Gerald!
  14. I'll marry yer stupid ass! Oh yeah?!?! Till death do us part ASSHOLE! I FUCKIN' DO!
  15. oh you men