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  1. I've never left
  2. So much better than the last turd they released =] back to hibernation...
  3. http://loudwire.com/protest-the-hero-volition-exclusive-album-stream/ Protest The Hero - Volition - Anyone listen through yet? Their fastest album yet.
  4. If you're looking for some good recent punk bands, try Teenage Bottlerocket out. And The Flatliners are my new favorite band.
  5. dunno if it's been said, but Tenacious D's s/t is a fantastic sounding album.
  6. really, dodger...you don't know who iriseagainsti is?
  7. I say "...Good." like Ben did in The Economist, when Sayid is being treated by him in the animal shelter, all the time...very nefariously.
  8. it felt like the last episode ended the series...is this true? I haven't read anything about a renewal, but I didn't look either.
  9. I currently enroll in an employee stock purchase plan at work where I receive 15% off stock the day it is purchased. Every cent in that account is money put in by myself. If I decide I want to pull my money out, do I have to claim this as income? Will I be taxed on this? The deductions are taken from my bi-weekly checks AFTER tax. Thanks future tax man!
  10. still kinda pissed that the chirps and the skips on the cd weren't removed before pressing. and the label isn't fessing up to the defect yet a lot of people are complaining about it. chirp between songs 3 and 4 and there's a skip I think in the interlude.
  11. 6 and a half minutes of a song streamed here: http://www.altpress....lar_reflection/ Fucking beautiful.
  12. and here you go for the webrip: http://hotfile.com/dl/105422306/db9ff27/Darkest_Hour-_The_Human_Romance.rar.html
  13. there's a 128kbps rip on demonoid I'll upload it for you all...
  14. I think www.myspace.com/music is streaming the whole album
  15. Bad Boys-version, even. Can you really say "these movies get progressively worse" when there is only two? If 3 is worse than 2, you can then say "yes, it is progressively worse" but there is no progression, really, with just two. Did you fuckers seriously not see Lazerbeak and Silverbolt (and possible dinobots) in that trailer?! How can it NOT kick ass. I'm pretty sure those wires ripping up the streets is Soundwave, too.