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  1. Tickets in AZ for this were going for 260 a pop! Yikes!
  2. All the fucking VIP presales sold out before I had a chance to get off work and come home and buy them. SUPER BUMMED!!! But just super stoked to see them again! You get any VIP's Tlla man? On a side note, I did get to see Pebaluna here in March, it was pretty groovy. Got a couple sweet vids n' pics on my phone if anyone interested to see em
  3. Thought Arizona was gonna be left out on this whole fiasco but they finally finally announced a date a couple days ago in Tempe for the beginning of May. I just saw them last time they were around in October so normally I would just pass them up this time around. But since it's supposedly their 'last tour'? or some bullshit, I'll make the effort to go out. They better have a good setlist. Fuckers!!!
  4. lemme know, i may be down to go at the last second. Wouldn't be the first time I pulled it outta my ass less than a month before..
  5. NBA

    Sooo some weird deals. nothing as big as I thought.. Seriously though, what are the Nuggests thinking?! Don't they know Javale Mcgee sucks?! What have they been watching? Nene's way better than he'll ever be. I'm curious for ALLLL you Laker fans, what do you think about them getting rid of Derek Fisher?? I was pretty shocked I heard that. They finally got rid of Luke Walton's bastard ass, lol...
  6. No one wants you there, that's whyyyy duhhhhhh. JK! oh, wait... no I'm not.
  7. Kinda kicking myself for not going tonight. I just didn't buy tickets in time and didn't feel like overpaying.. Would be kickin' myself much harder if I weren't seeing them in a couple months! Really fucking stoked to finally see them though... Just sad it's not tonight
  8. Artist Additions Danzig Legacy - featuring music by Danzig, Samhain and Danzig/Doyle performing The Misfits Puscifer Santigold The Temper Trap fun. The Cave Singers Ehhhh, very mediocre... Puscifer's the only one legit. seriously though, no one else on here goin? i know i've asked, just wondering...
  9. Sweeeet shit! Almost makes me wish I was going just for that... ALMOST!!! Maybe next year! Wish they did shit like that in the past
  10. I believe University of California San Diego? right? Saw them there once when they played a free show for the student body, for their "senior sendoff".. good times
  11. Setlist!?!?!
  12. Haha!! Yeah I do wish!! Nahhh Jk Jk, I know for a fact you don't! We should anyway though All these pictures look super sick, It's definitely getting me super stoked to finally see them.. They'll definitely have the same set-up at Coach and Roo', dont'cha think? P.S. - You should go to Roo' sometime, for realss man
  13. pshhhh, you've never been so I don't know if you're one to sayyy.. I know you mean just lineup wise so I agree it's not the best lineup ever. I'm going for Phish. but you should've gone in 09 like you said you wanted to.. Vibes at Bonnaroo > vibes at Coachella.. Think you'll ever make the trip out to the Tennessee farm?! ?
  14. YOU'll be in Arizona!?! AHHHHH!!! Jk, that's cool mannn. How many R'head shows are you going to!?! P.S. - Let's meet up and smoke BIG!!!
  15. Seriously guysss!??! No one is hopping on this lineup or what?! You're not with me cause it's not Coach?! I usually go to both but I'm just not feeling Coach this year. I feel like the only thing I'm missing out on at Coach is At the Drive in and Refused. But I'm a Phish head so that broke it open for me, just wish they were playing two nights like 09'. I know people on here have went in the past so someones gotta be with meee!?!? COME ON!!!