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  1. You can teach English in South America with no experience, and without speaking Spanish. They don't give you much in return, but it's a great way to explore a new place and experience new cultures and people.
  2. btjunkie voluntarily shut itself down as well... What a shame, that was my favorite torrent site.
  3. This. This is what it is to be a man.
  4. Personally, I plan to stick to the linear Madcow 5x5 and then switch to the periodized Madcow 5x5 after progression slows. Somehow, I'm still making weekly gains, despite being over 400 lbs on my squat and DL maxes and 300 lbs on bench. If you eat enough, you'll continue to grow. My old workout buddy was maxing the squat with eight 45s on each side, and he insisted that he owed most of that ability to the 8,000 calories a day he consumed (not to mention the testosterone). Amazingly, he wasn't fat, and still had ab definition.
  5. That's exactly what I did, increasing my speed and distance incrementally, I highly recommend it! Especially since I don't think you're training to run a marathon or become an Olympic sprinter. I am familiar with intermittent fasting, but I'm not sure that walking while fasted will do you much good. For IF to be truly effective, you have to burn all of the glycogen out of your muscles and liver, which actually takes quite a bit of time / effort (some people can finish marathons without depleting their glycogen stores). Some fitness gurus advocate hitting the gym after waking up, and skipping breakfast. The idea is, you are already low on glycogen, and a hard workout will diminish your remaining glycogen stores, forcing your body to burn fat. The problem with walking while in a fasted state is it's just not enough exercise to deplete your body's glycogen stores and force it to burn fat. If you jogged after waking up and waited to eat breakfast until after your morning jog then you might see some results. From what I hear, it is possible to see gains with IF (thus cutting bodyfat while seeing strength gains), but I have no personal experience with it, and can only speak from what I've heard.
  6. Well, sprinting and jogging are two different kinds of exercise. When you sprint, you are tapping into your anaerobic system, while jogging taps into the aerobic system. Sprinting promotes fast-twitch muscle growth (the larger, more powerful muscles) while jogging improves your cardiovascular health and promotes slow-twitch muscle growth (smaller but higher endurance muscles). That said, it really depends on what you're going for. It's worth mentioning that in the old days, even marathon runners did not do the excessively long and slow endurance jogs that everyone advocates today. This is considered to be one reason that despite an explosion in popularity for the sport, the US has not produced marathon runners in the same class as those in decades gone by. Back in the 60s and 70s, most marathoners trained for shorter distances on inclines, with less time, and more speed. Running for a long time at a relatively slow pace is hard on the body, in many ways (joints, bones, muscles, and even the immune system). It depends on your goals, but in my opinion, it's best to up the pace and shorten the time/distance to achieve a better all-around fitness level. Who wants to be ALL endurance or ALL power? A combination of the two is most useful in the real world, and allows for better overall health. Now, on the flip-side, I don't know what your goals are, but I wouldn't do pure sprinting, and certainly not on a treadmill. Treadmills take time to accelerate, taking away the explosivity of a true sprint. That explosivity is what builds the musculo-skeletal system, it also promotes growth by increasing HGH levels (some studies say by over 1,000%), testosterone, tendons, ligaments, bones, and fast-twitch (big) muscle. Sprinting regularly is a great idea, but sprinting to the exclusion of every other form of cardio fitness is a bit myopic and perhaps even counter-productive. Why are you doing fasted walks? What is the purpose? Are you attempting to burn body fat during these walks?
  7. Sure! That is the most detailed article you'll ever need to read, and as long as you have caloric excess, you WILL see gains.
  8. Are you doing Madcow 5x5 by chance? I've exploded on that program, in 10 weeks my lifts are up 25-35%
  9. The tricky thing about deadlifts is that it seems like the bar will hit your shins when you lift, but they won't. Like JayG said, get your shins right up to the bar, they'll move away as you lift. Also, the advice to keep the chest high is good. Our spine is a bit like a crane, the spinal column can handle tremendous amounts of vertical weight, but it's not so good at handling huge offset loads. Because of this, the spinal erectors pull back on the spinal column as its arched, much like the crane in the image below. This is why you must keep your back arched at all times, weight at the top of the spine at an offset can multiply by a factor of 7 at the bottom of the spine (300 lbs is like 2100 lbs in some instances!). @JayG: Congrats on doubling your BW on the DL! @Chase: Doing anything in addition to squats may actually cause your improvement to slow even further. What do you have against the basic mechanics of the squat? This is one of the body's most fundamental movements! Try Insanity, you'll shed pounds quickly and build up tremendous stamina.
  10. I thought you once firmly stood on the opposite side of the fence Blackstar. If I'm not mistaken, it's good to see that you've come around.
  11. The post which that image came from had me laughing, this guy is definitely a prankster, and a damned hilarious one at that.
  12. Let me just say, if I was a med school applicant, I'd kill to get an interview at UCLA.
  13. Nobody watched the CWC final? If this was really a showdown between Messi and Neymar, I don't think Messi is in any danger of being dethroned... Barcelona was absolutely brilliant, despite playing without Villa (I hate to say that they really don't need him) and in the end I couldn't help but feel bad for the young Santos striker as he got only a few touches on the ball. He did have two great opportunities to score and botched them both. He played the way I remember him playing during the U19 Copa America last year, which is great, but not in the same class as Messi at 19.
  14. If there was an award for the strangest poster on these here boreds, you would definitely take the title. No offense, just sayin'...