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  1. Wow, this place is a ghost town now. I can't believe I still remember my log in info.
  2. houston - 5/11 (not in order) yellow belly image of the invisible artist in the ambulance kill me quickly under a killing moon silhouette in exile the weight promises daedalus words in the water the whaler (dustin said this was the first night they played this song) the messenger the earth will shake of dust and nations the red sky stare at the sun deadbolt to awake and avenge the dead beggars come all you weary phoenix ignition t&c anthology (was it just me or was teppei's guitar out of tune throughout the entire song?)
  3. Going to the Houston show on Friday. It seemed like Thrice had a great time when they were here last October so I'm hoping we get that Vegas set list. That Tulsa one is a total bum fest though, jesus.
  4. Just came back from the Houston show and this was pretty much the same set list (all in order) except they substituted Cataracts for Of Dust and Nations. Fun show. My voice is shot from Phoenix Ignition.
  5. Favorite songs: Treading Paper, Words In The Water, and Disarmed. Overall, love this record. The only song I can't stand is Blur. That chorus just ruins the song for me.
  6. How are you guys listening to the clips on itunes? It won't let me preview any of them.
  7. I have a bunch of LPs and medium shirts for sale if anyone is interested: http://www.theb9.com/view-topic/821401 http://www.theb9.com/view-topic/821401 http://www.theb9.com/view-topic/821401
  8. Nevermind. Ha.
  9. Don't know if anyone still remembers me but this is Absolution (theboreds) / XThriceX (thrice board). Is there a YSI forum here? If so, do i have to have like 50+ posts to view it or something like on the old board?