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  1. Game is out, and is fucking great. We need to make a Boreds Crew for online once it's out. Most of my friends have 360s (mine is banned from Live), so I need some PS3 friends. Add me on PSN: prosperoust R* Social Club: scotttremper EDIT: Went ahead and made a crew - "The Boreds". Drop your Social Club name here and I'll invite you, or search for it and request an invite.
  2. Ha. I know. I really wanted to like it so much. There is some great stuff in there. But so much lousy shit kept stacking up. I was seriously sad about 30 minutes in when I realized, "Oh God, they fucked it up. I'm really not enjoying this".
  3. I went yesterday for the IMAX Trilogy at AMC, and it may be that I saw BB, then TDK, followed by TDKR, but I was very disappointed. I know a lot of you will disagree. I love the first two films, and am holding my breath to watch TDKR again before I cast my final judgement, but as it stands, I thought it was a mess. I suppose it's probably easiest if I just list the issues I had with it: There's probably more stuff, but that's all I have time to type now. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  4. FUCK I will buy anyone a drink from the boreds*
  5. I'm going to Bonnaroo with my girlfriend. I'm planning to be drunk and high the whole time and just enjoy some fucking music. I'm down to buy anyone a drink who is also going.
  6. I had a blast watching. So fucking fun.
  7. Considering going to the Columbia show just to see The Kooks.
  8. I got a job by being really fucking good at what I do. Everyone please, be less shitty.
  9. Bought this $20 on PS3 during Black Friday. Never opened it, and then found out about having only 24 players for multi on consoles. Sold my copy for the full price and got the PC version. Time to rapings.
  10. I recently moved to Baltimore. $200k can buy you 200 3-bedroom townhouses!
  11. Here's is a pretty good interview with show creator Terrance Winter discussing some of the choices he and the writers made. He basically implies at one point that if the characters weren't real in real life, or based off a real person (Nucky Thompson is based on the real dirty politician Nucky Johnson), that they would either die or come and go from the show. Still, way to kill everyone's favorite character. Not sure what to expect from now on.
  12. I'll post here later, but I've been keeping a blog to tally up new movies I saw for the year...I'm at 157. A few were just movies that were new to me, but with film festivals and screenings, most were new to this year in theaters. I'll filter through them and post all I've seen. EDIT: Went through my list and pulled out 108 new releases from this past year. The other 50 were about 20 older movies I'd never seen, and about 30 screeners from last year that probably didn't get released wide til this year, but I know were eligible for awards last year so I didn't count them...mostly indie flicks for those though.
  13. I'm naming my first-born Benedict.
  14. I raged earlier at work in regards to some of this, and a few people were able to defend some of it. For example, the 90s kids were in the Halloween episode, when all the dead could walk around freely. That being said, still a snooze.
  15. Definitely starting to get repetitive and shitty. What a shame after such an awesome pilot.