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  1. I didn't like AJ's special. That style of polishing up every joke and rolling them out one after the other bores me after about 20 minutes, even when I recognize that the jokes are well crafted. That last joke your boy McWeeny could spot the punchline on the horizon.
  2. Chappelle recorded his HBO special here in Austin a few months back. It should be coming out soon. I was at the taping and it ruled. Sorry about your date. If it were me, that girl would get the abrupt cut-off. No phase-out texts or anything.
  3. First episode was solid. I've yet to see Oscar Isaac be anything but great.
  4. I'm not surprised at all that this season came out the way it did. If you go back and watch the first season (which I haven't), you'll realize that there were really only three, maybe four, good episodes. The finale was a dud and the first two episodes were almost entirely set-up exposition. The flashbacking was sloppy and half the time it was unnecessary. So, yes, this season was a complete mess. At no point was there any real momentum. If people weren't so desperate to soothe their Monday-morning dread with premium TV, they would have dropped out after the third episode.
  5. MMA

    Gus vs. Bader in a title eliminator makes the most sense, but I'm glad they're giving Gus the shot. The only two match-ups I care about at LHW for the foreseeable future are Gus/Jones and Gus/Cormier. That division has aged poorly.
  6. MMA

    He may have amped up the antics during the promo tour in an effort to make the Aldo fight the biggest in UFC history, but I think that he genuinely believes most of the shit he says. There's a big difference to me between Sonnen and McGregor. Amazing night of fights. I'm picking McGregor to beat Aldo.
  7. Yeah I was busting up so hard at work I had to walk into the hallway. That ad read was the funniest damn thing I've heard in a while. The way he reacted to the electronic sound that buzzes during the pretty doorbell music slayed me. Hahahaha yeah. Also, "Jesus Christ. That took a left turn, didn't it?" And, "'Please share a personal story of how this could help you or someone you love.' Hey. You share a personal story, you cunts! Isn't it enough I'm reading your copy?"
  8. That Bill Burr ad read is fucking hilarious. Even better than the legendary Shari's Berries read.
  9. That's awesome! I know how soul-draining it can be to live in a nearly constant state of anxiety re income/debt. Enjoy being solvent. Regarding Austin, though, there's no way those numbers are up to date. The cost of living here cannot be cheaper than living in Fresno.
  10. ‚ÄčOh eat a dick, you know what I meant. Why are you embarrassed to watch a TV show with dragons? You obviously had no problem discussing the books to death with us in the old thread, now that this shit is on TV it's too low brow or juvenile for you? Well, I read the books over ten years ago. I still watch the show religiously, so it's not like I'm prancing into this thread as Mr. Highbrow Douche Sniffer. Also, I loved the scene last week where a giant killed undead soldiers who were led into battle by frosty warlords with glow-in-the-dark eyes, so whatever. BUT seeing Dani jump on that dragon and fly away was corny as fugg, even if I knew it was bound to happen. All I'm saying.
  11. Don't mean to waltz into this thread and start sniping people for their grammar, but "personally effected by rape" is a hilarious solecism. Also, I have to say that when Dany climbed on that dragon and flew out of the arena, I was pretty embarrassed to have been watching this show as a 28-year-old man. Just something about it.
  12. I'm calling it now: you will fail.
  13. There are probably a lot of yoga people who disagree with me, but I'd say that if your primary goal is to improve flexibility -- rather than, say, improving your overall mind/body wellness -- there's no point in taking a class only once a week. At that rate, your flexibility will improve either very, very slowly or not at all. Come up with a pre-workout dynamic stretching routine and a post-workout static stretching routine and stick to them. Stretching after you work out (or smoke pot) is the best way to do it, trust me -- your body resists the stretch much less. After a few months, your flexibility will be much better from doing that than from taking a yoga class once a week. Your work schedule is ideal for going to the gym. There's hardly anyone in the gym from 1pm to 3:30/4pm; you're dodging the morning crowd, lunch crowd, and after-work crowd. Wake up, eat a big breakfast, get some caffeine in you, and head to the gym. Every 1,500-word post from here on out is a waste of time.
  14. Finally watched the last episode. It's pretty obvious, especially in this last season, that the show gradually became less concerned with documenting the history and psychology of advertising, but I didn't mind because the characters were so strong and because advertising isn't fundamentally all that interesting (Don's conference-room soliloquies, which a lot of people seem to love, were pretty flat to me for the most part). I can understand why people either never watched the show or stopped watching it after a few seasons, but I put it up there with The Wire because of how strong the writing was.
  15. Point them to this: