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  1. Strangers by Lea Thau
  2. It's Bukowksi, duuude
  3. Confirmed hilarious. I cried laughing 2 distinct times. It's just so quick and current. Big faaaan
  4. hey
  5. Hahahaha I am 21 now! Almost 22, actually. And I'm already planning on going - are you?
  6. Sounds good! I get there the last week in May and this time will has a vehicle hahaha. Number is still the same - is yours?

  7. HEYYY KIDS GUESS WHO IS MOVING BACK TO DALLAS PERMANENTLY IN A MONTH?! This chick. Let's actually hang out this time (props to Mr. and Mrs. Wiggin who grabbed dinner with me last summer)
  8. I'd stay stick to your plan for sure, but it might not be a bad idea to bring up the school of thought that it isn't a good idea to sleep together to your ex. Be there for her emotionally and go out, have fun - but sex shouldn't be some non-negtiable part of the equation. As long as she can follow your logic and you gently present the topic, I think it's a good move. Your coworker would feel pretty crummy if you guys end up dating and later she finds out about this. Ex drama sucks. A similar thing happened with my last boyfriend - we went on an awesome first date and that same weekend his best friend (female) visited and they slept together. I felt pretty shitty when I found out about it.
  9. Get an old Subaru wagon used. Those things will outlive us all.
  10. Fact! (besides for conservatives saying it's too liberal or weird for them) I live in Dallas right now and it ain't bad but Austin is where it's at.
  11. I love this show. Watched it all in 2 days and have zero regrets about it hahah. I think the flashbacks to why each specific character is in prison is the most fascinating part. Also, love how it is blatantly unafraid of offending any one group in particular. Pretty raw show. Love it.
  12. Foot rubs, man. That is a sign of love.
  13. YOU'RE MARRIED?!!!??????!
  14. Is there a button I can push to make my ex boyfriend fucking die? /psycho
  15. So she literally said we should just be friends or you're getting those vibes? I typically try not to fuck my friends and not invite guys who I've shut down to parties I host soooo... Are you sure you're picking up on this correctly?