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  1. any of you chuckleheads near buffalo? i'm playing two shows there sep 9th/10th, come hang
  2. rip noah wilson, stabbed through the heart by yancy salazar because he thought he was cyrax
  3. a true rollercoaster of emotions. see u @ the superbowl
  4. "a new thrice album coming out" is the funniest sentence of 2015
  5. i'm in la right now. where do I find the wizard
  6. another incentive to go: I'll be there too
  7. sounds like the pilot to a CW tv show about a guy who goes to a wild bachelor party gets infected... with evil. by comitting these sins, you let a demon into your heart, and with each transgression... he grew stronger. (your heart hurt) now you're starting to lose big chunks of time... and he's beginning to take over. (maybe you took a nap and had a dream) a terrifying ordeal, each day worse than the last as you live in fear and shame with what you are becoming... but you kind of like it. (this is the mid season arc) COMING SUMMER 2015
  8. i'm still mad about when that weirdo on the board called every location of the chain store i worked at to see if i really threw dustin's solo album behind the shelves, i'd report that right now if i still could
  9. how many times do i have to say that i;m the only ghost around here
  10. looks like a close up of a moldy macaroni noodle
  11. i got a vizio tv in 2006 from cost co and i'm still using it today. the original batteries in the remote died recently, but i did the math, and i've spent almost a 1/3 of my enitre life with the same tv. (and batteries)
  12. haha, ac/dc? why. didn't one dude get arrested for hiring a hit man? and the other guy is dead. why the best thing at this is drive like jehu, and madeon (but only while/if he plays the song feat. ellie goulding)
  13. i think we can all agree that not only will the steelers be taking the superbowl home, they're going to eat a whole bunch of cereal out of it too
  14. just go on craigslist there are plenty of people to mount in your bedroom there