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  1. Favorite women? Besides you married people's wives...
  2. I guess it depends what you're into really, I'm just looking to watch a bunch of people talk about interesting things mano-a-mano. Or lectures, even. Here are a few: David Foster Wallace & Charlie Rose Jeff Buckley & random interviewer Richard Feynman & himself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XgmrMZ0h54&feature=related Stephen Fry & church
  3. Building an apocalypse playlist. Give me some suggestions, would ya? Can be instrumental / funny or whatever! So far: Providence - Godspeed Tables and Chairs - Andrew Bird Mightiest of Guns - A.A. Bondy Quartet for end of time - Messiaen Pink Moon - Nick Drake Temptation of Adam - Josh Ritter We Will All Go Together When We Go - Tom Lehrer The Apocalypse Song - St. Vincent Apocalypso - Mew Any words left out of titles = laziness, not ignorance. K thx. They don't really mesh...but we'll see. If I get suggestions, I will upload the final mix for anyone interested!
  4. I want a ton of new music, but I also don't want my computer to shit its pants because of a TB's worth of downloading. I'm looking, less for mixtapes, more for lengthy compilations / best-of's. I'm on WHAT.CD, but I find it hard to navigate to get the kind of compilations I'm looking for. There are a lot of 'top 100 Jazz albums of all time' which I would love to go through...but I'm kind of looking for a song-from-each-of-those-albums sort of thing, so I can go back and grab the good stuff, y'know? Are there any sites devoted to this sort of thing? Or any legitimate comp. albums / CD-sets that are worth downloading?
  5. Cool ideas guys. Thanks. I figured someone would be interested, since so many of you seem to be camera gurus. I'm just going to try and find the best motor I can for cheapest. The hunt is on tomorrow. I'm sure they are easy to find, though. I hope. Repz for all.
  6. True. I was hoping it would be able to take really long shots though / with a consistent rotation. Until the batteries die, basically.
  7. I need to build some sort of lazy-susan tripod that can constantly rotate for a fairly heavy HD camera. It obviously will require a motor of some sort -- that's the part I'm struggling with, not necessarily how to mount it or make it height-adjustable. I have an old K'NEX motor. Some old remote controlled cars. A blender. A microwave. A few fans. A drill. These are the only things I can think of that rotate. Is there something I could go out and buy that would be perfect that I'm not thinking of? A few of these also aren't battery powered, so they're basically useless in terms of filming outside. I'm leaning towards the drill, but it might be a little fast and I'm kind of confused as to how I'll make a platform for the camera rest on top of a drillbit / something with that small of a diameter. I'm not the best handyman, as you can tell. Any ideas?
  8. Dressed to Kill is definitely a favourite. Watched it plenty of times over. I haven't gotten really 'attached' to any other comedian. Suggestions?
  9. What do normal people do? In Vancouver, most people buy over-priced tickets to bars / clubs. Are there alternatives, or is that the necessarily expensive way to cap-off the year in style? Bang pots and pans? ...that's cheap
  10. Exactly. Especially since they wouldn't assume Jordan Chase could easily go into hiding - he's too well known. And I'm not sure if other people in the station know that Deb got the call regarding a body being in Jordan Chase's trunk, but I guess if they didn't she could have neglected to add that detail. But wait, no..because she would have to explain how she found the building. I guess she could flub that too. But yeah. It was kind of like an 'Oh no, this one got away! Tee hee' sort of thing.
  11. Do a type of state-of-the-union address like this: This poem is fucking awesome.
  12. Not a favourite by any means, but M. Ward's recordings have always kind of baffled me. Someone mentioned Bon Iver being in the room with you -- M. Ward's guitar sounds like it's right next to your ear and his classic vocal-echo thing basically IS him. See: Eyes on the Prize, Post-War
  13. I'd say by the complexity / depth of the recording. Sounds subjective, but I really think there are some wizards in the recording world who can somehow load a song with 100 tracks and still make every sound in the recording audible and important -- or the opposite: making 3 tracks sound like 100. Anyways. That's how I see it / hear it. Shape of Punk to Come is a great example.
  14. Those albums that you demand listening to in headphones or on a good set of speakers. Takk and In Rainbows are two obvious ones, I would think.
  15. 30 days 'til Christmas, safe to listen to Christmas tunes on heavy rotation now; what are your fav's? Sufjan is a given. Pogues Paul McCartney Dean Martin Frank Sinatra Bing Crosby Looking for a good female-voice.